Lawrence of Toronto

Posted by Bruce on August 28, 2011
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Can you even get your head around that next weekend is Labour Day weekend?  I know I can’t!  It seems like the spring fashion line just got dropped and already we are shopping knees deep in fall fashion at Toronto’s crowning glory Holt Renfrew.  I gotta say, those cashmere sweaters and lux scarves are so tempting though.  They just get you in the mood to go on an Autumn hike down the Don Valley.  Ok so I’m jumping the leaf just a little but there is another hot spot in the city that I just have to tell you all about.  actually a friend of mine told me about this place last summer and I never had the chance to get over there.

I decided to spend some time with my Grandmother this week, who is 86.  Isn’t that amazing?  Well anyway she is and I took her and my Uncle, who I am named after to Shops at Don Mills.  Amazing place, the shopping is all walkable from outside.  Very much like being in a downtown but clean and upscale like going to Disney Land.  There is great parking which is free and you can also get there easily by bicycle! You feel like you have taken a quick trip to The Hampton’s for lunch.  We stopped at Jack Aster’s for lunch. I recommended the fish and chips and then it was off to Teaopia for a wonderfully steeped tea, that apparently could balance your whole life for you.  Then it was off to Ice and Cakes to have some perfect strawberry cheesecake.

After we filled ourselves like kings and queens, we rolled over to Roots, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors for some shopping.  My cute little Grandmother with her small town charm had a blast.  My Uncle spend many years in Los Angeles as sports leading pool player, so this experience made him feel like he was right at home.  You know too much time can go by and we forget to hook up with our family.  This week make an effort to see someone from your family that may have slipped through the cracks. You will be amazed at the fun you can have getting reacquainted.  We decided to set aside one day each month to get together.  I think our next eatery of choice will be Anthony’s Grill.  I love a great buffet!!!!!

With such a busy week ahead of me I think staying home tonight is the perfect option.  John is taking care of dinner and I am choosing the movie “Lawrence of Arabia”.  Well why not I discovered “Lawrence of Toronto” this week.  Thanks Paulie for the suggestion! Outstanding!

Until next Sunday have a great week and don’t forget to call your ————– family member goes here!

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