Lazar Quest This!

Posted by Bruce on April 17, 2016
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I was invited to my nephew’s 13th birthday party over the weekend! Oh boy! I had no idea what I was in for really. All I knew was that I had been signed up for a thing called Lazar Quest. In my mind I thought well this could be fun. Running around like a Star War’s character shooting my lazar at other lazar shooting people. Giggling like a little school girl when my lazar indicator vibrated when was shot.
I arrived on time in Oshawa/Whitby. I’m not really sure where I was, actually. Somewhere between where have I gotten myself into and get me the hell out of here.
When I entered the place it was a sea of small people. Children as far as the eye could see. I thought Bruce you’re in hell. I don’t mind a little one on one at a good Disney flick with a  nephew or niece. But, sending me into battle with a bunch of nose running Ewokes was not my idea of a good time.
I smiled and thought, “I can do this”. My chosen game name was Darth. I thought maybe this would help me get into the spirit of the activity even though I had a striped shirt on that was going to make this Chewbacca an instant target for lazar Armageddon.
I, along with niece, nephew, brother and his date entered the darkened chamber of Lazar hell. The guy tried explaining how the game worked through the muffle small kids chatting away. They already looked as though they had it all figured out. It was us adults who were straining to know what we had gotten ourselves into.
I myself was beginning to feel a bit claustrophobic. I realized that once in the camber of death there was no real escape unless one pulled the fire alarm.  There was no way I was going to find one in that darkness. The kid that was explaning how the whole thing was suppose to go down had mentioned that if you needed someone you yell something like “Bloody Mary” or “Mommy Mommy” and it was at that moment that I knew I was getting the freak out of there.
I was feeling anxious. I repeated to myself, “I can do this”. Then the kid pressed a button and a small garage type door opened. Slowly like the door going into Jabba’s Place.
The flock of children started blasting through the door like Storm Troupers! I was out of there! I found the nearest exit and bolted for the nearest watering hole.
Thank God it was only steps away. I felt like I had escaped military camp. Before me was my saving grace “Baton Rouge” a welcomed beckoning for a lost “lazar light”
A lovely server approached. Her name was Marie. “Can I get you beverage?” She asked not knowing what I had just been through. “A chardonnay.” I gasped.
Moments later I was enjoying lobster stuffed mushrooms with a lovely tuna seared taco on the side. Now this was more my speed!  I have to admit I was feeling guilty for jetting out on my own away from the unknowing party but that only lasted long enough for me to taste my first lick of that wonderful seafood.
I knew then that this was right where I was suppose to be. Apparently Darth had won a two for one pass at the end of the game. I guess for not getting shot. I happily gave it to my Nephew and vowed the next time I end up at a Lazar Quest the chardonnay would come first!


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