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Posted by Bruce on July 16, 2017
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One of the best parts of Summer in the City is it’s concert series. I love seeing a great live performance. It takes on a different level mid listen when you know you’re going to be writing about it in a blog that coming Sunday. I want to be as impartial as I can be, even when I’m a fan. Truth be told I don’t go see artists that I don’t like, but the thing is I’m not always impressed with the show. People pay big bucks to see these great artists and they deserve a top notch performance. I went and saw Madonna a couple of years ago and it had its highs and lows too. I don’t blame the artist completely for these awkward performances. There are a lot of people deciding what that show is going to look like and I feel there are too many “yes people” who just aren’t being straight up with these artists during the creation of their show. I saw Idina Menzel Friday night at the Sony Centre and off the top I have to say overall, a brilliant performance. When she was hot she was hot, but when she was not… well!? There were a few moments during the performance that were, how should I say… awkward. Let’s just put this out there right now, she is clearly a talented artist. Her voice is absolutely killer and she is a total sweetheart. Whoever decided to throw a Led Zeppelin mashup in the mix was not doing Idina any favours. I was pissed for her actually because she killed it vocally but the set up left the audience confused. I wanted to just hug her and say fire that music director immediately. She just couldn’t sell us on the headbanger rock queen ode to. When Idina was clearly calling the shots she was vocally and emotionally unstoppable. She had a few raw moments that really made you think who screwed this woman over? Very jagged little pill (Alanis Morrisette). If I could give her a call about the show I would honesty tell her to keep the Zeppelin but do the whole song and set it up better for her older audience so they are ready to take the journey with her. We are clearly there for the ride, we just need to understand how bumpy it could get. Who doesn’t love a good girl kicking some rock and roll ass along the way. Killer moments have to be acknowledged; Let it Go, her mega hit from Frozen, was a showstopper. The kids went crazy of course. She sang for us unaccompanied and micless. You could hear a pin drop. That moment when an audience understands what a formidable force of talent their experiencing. The show had many of these moments and in spite of Idina forgetting a lyric during a performance, her connection and human vulnerability made the whole experience thought provoking hours after the spectacle. She was real. She was raw. She was quit simply Idina.

4 kisses out of 5



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