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Posted by Admin1 on June 14, 2015
Check it Out!, Local Talent

Toronto has a plethora of talent passionately drumming, strumming, and plucking along so in May I decided I would rally a few of these wonderfully gifted people to entertain a few quests at my local shop around the corner.  I was lucky enough to bump into this guy…

Ken is a hard hitting bassist and an evocative composer.  Born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Ken’s musical career came to life when he moved to Toronto and started studying music at York University.  Ken has three jazz records to his name; The Master Plan (2008), Pay What You Can (2011) and Sitting, Waiting, Wasting Time (2015).  Outside of the jazz realm, Ken leads a traditional celtic band entitled O’Scotty and a funk trio, Swamp Groove, both of which he plays guitar and sings.  Ken also is a busy sideman, playing frequently with Dave Clark’s Woodshed Orchestra, Andy De Campos, Roger Chong, Karl Silveira’s Rickshaw, Lilly Mason, Nick Teehan and Ryan Carr.
I’m kicking back this morning enjoying his latest CD Sitting, Waiting, Waisting Time at this very moment.  It’s silky.  It’s sexy and certainly no waste of this man’s time!
Your fantastic Ken!  Hope to see you again soon!SWWTcover-279x300

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