Let November Beard Contest Begin

Posted by Admin1 on November 03, 2018


Im excited to announce that I will be back in January 2019 with all new Sunday articles about my great city Toronto! I’ll be covering exciting people, business and talent from the city and beyond. Before the new year breaks however we’ve got two more exciting months of the Badass B.I.T.C Beard Contest. You know that stands for Bruce in the City right? 😉

Let’s do this!

Here is one sexy beard ladies and gents! This is Loki!

Jeeze thinking of things about yourself is a challenge lol. But here you go

1. Northern Ontario transplant living in BC
2. Was raised in the outdoors, and still spend a lot of the summer camping
3. Single dad of two
4. Can’t turn down a great scotch
5. Will forever bow down to Gord Downie as a musical god!

Thanks Loki! Readers head on over to my official Instagram @bruceinthecity locate this article and this pic and hit the heart! It’s that easy!

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