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Posted by Bruce on November 19, 2017
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Hey B.I.T.C readers!

It won’t be long now and that big, old, fat bear with that big, old, white beard will be filling your stocking with all kinds of treats. It’s Toronto Christmas launch with the Santa Clause Parade today. I thought this would be the perfect time to pre-holiday prepare you with my top 5 cool picks for gift giving ideas, entertainment, and places to refuel while getting into the holiday spirit in Toronto. It’s really starting to look a lot like Christmas and even though many hum-buggers are all whining right now because it’s too early, just remember those are usually the people that give the shittiest gifts so the next time you hear someone complain about Christmas and the Holidays be thankful to Old Saint Nick that you’re not on their gift giving list. Why? Repeat after me, their gifts suck!
Now that we have totally insulted more than a quarter of my readers I topologically apologies for my harsh words even though they’re true.

#5 I think it’s so important to be entertained over the season. Don’t be fooled, I’m not oblivious to how stressful this season is. I’m not so sure why we put so much pressure on ourselves but we do and it’s fruitless really. Every year it’s the same old thing. People panicking to give to impress. Seriously, if I had friends like that I would ship them off to misfit island and I wouldn’t give out the Jedi map to get them back. At number 5 this year of coolest picks it would have to be “High Five”. I just love this quartet of women. I’ve had the chance to enjoy their musical talents the last two Christmas at a shop I was managing. I may have to call them up for another run at my new shop. They are acapellically talented. Singing all the holiday classics and it’s so cute. I think the hardest of hardcore Metallica fans would enjoy this vocal highlight. I’m certain they are getting booked up pretty fast so if you have a special event they would bring some welcomed magic to it, no doubt.

High Five
Shows, Corporate Events, Caroling, Parties!!
Contact: Julia @ 905-304-8282 or Julia @ mcgregor@sympatico.ca

#4 Every good holiday is not complete without a fabulous delicatessen. Am I right? Of course I’m right. I found a good one. Have you heard of Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market? It is fabulous as a landmark all on its own but it’s what is inside that really counts which is what I say about everything. As I made my way through the massive market the other day I came across a very fabulous spot, Scheffler’s Delicatessen & Cheese. It has been in business since 1955. How great right? They have all kinds of great stuff. Homemade and ready for consumption! Preserves, an endless buffet of deli meats, cheeses in inviting displays as high as the sky and the ladies behind the counter are so helpful and fun. Of course I can’t help but notice the stunning bearded men and so I buy until my hearts content. You have to stop by the market this season or you’ll be missing out on a really tremendous experience.

Scheffler’s Delicatessen & Cheese
93 Front St East
Toronto On
M5E 1C3
St Lawrence Market
Upper Level #7
Instagram @schefflersdeli
Twitter @SchefflersDeli
Sun-Mon closed
Tues-Thurs 8am-6pm
Fri 8am-7pm
Sat 5am-5pm

#3 Next on my Cool picks has got to be Kozlik’s Mustard Store! I just loved their selection of hand crafted mustards and I had no idea there were so many to choose from. Also located in The St Lawrence Market this cute, cool spot caught my attention pretty quick as I made my way through the grand hall. Kristie was my mustard guide. I really hope I got her name right. If I didn’t, email me at bruceinthecity@hotmail.com and I’ll correct this right away. She was wonderful and it surprised me when I asked her if she was the owner and she said no. It’s almost impossible to find people who will treat a business like it’s their own when it’s not. Businesses are foolish to not treat these special people with care. It’s rare. I hope this company treats her well. She seemed very happy so I’m going to assume they definitely do. She was very passionate and knowledgeable and I ended up buying a couple of mustards and enjoyed a taste when I arrived back at my condo. It’s a great gift idea and stocking stuffer if you felt inclined to help Santa out this season.

Dedicated to making the best mustard possible since 1948


Good Mustard is Hot!
Company Overview
All Natural Canadian Mustard
Located in Toronto’s historical St. Lawrence Market
General Information
Follow us on Instagram @kozliksmustard
Twitter: @kozliks
38 varieties of Canadian mustard

I’ll be stopping by before Christmas is through. I have a few friends in mind who will really enjoy this! I really hope you will also take the opportunity to discover these incredible Canadian mustards. It’s always great to support local business. It keeps the culture alive and well.

#2 Well readers, I don’t know about you but when I’m done shopping I need a great place to unwind, eat, drink, and be merry. The Irish Embassy has got you covered. It’s such a spectacular setting inside a 1870’s heritage bank. Its hospitality is truly an authentic Irish public house. It’s perfectly located in the heart of Toronto and of course I have frequented this cool spot on an occasion or two. I personally love the live music which ranges from folk to country to pop favorites and traditional Irish melodies. Live music is random so give them a shout if that’s what you’re looking for so you can pick the right time. I can’t help but get lost in the accents of my own family heritage, being of an Irish Scottish and French background. Where’s my kilt? Framed in marble and wood flooring with ceilings that are like 35 feet high this spot is a visual crowd pleaser.  There is actually two rooms. The Embassy & The Dublin Lounge. The latter is more for partying. I’ve never actually enjoyed that room. I must take my pals there as soon as possible.
I could go on about this very special venue but I will let you enjoy their beautiful website which will fill in all of the blanks! But first read on to find out who the Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week is before you hit the link.

Irish Embassy Pub & Grill
416-866-8282 x32
49 Yonge Street Toronto On M5E 1J1

Next week find out which amazing cool spot is number one on my Holiday Cool List!

It’s that wicked time when I announce our Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week! Drum roll please. Where is the guy with the drum when I need him?
Ladies and gents please meet Kero!!!! Kero is the founder of Arabian Knights LGBTQ (instagram @aklgbtq) and is also an advocate for Middle Eastern refugees and immigrants living with or are affected by HIV. He also helps Middle Easterners find their voice and become leaders of their own lives. Kero’s message is “A Life with Love” which is perfect especially as we get closer to the Christmas and holiday season.
He is a really great guy and hey, he may even be single boys, but don’t quote me, I don’t keep up on everyone’s love life. I heard a rumor he is an amazing movie buddy.


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