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Posted by Bruce on February 22, 2015
Check it Out!, Help and Support, Really?

I suppose the great thing about having your own blog is that you can share your ideas without much thought about how it’s effecting the one who decides to read it.  I’ve given this a lot of thought this past week as I took time to read some of my friend’s posts on their Facebook pages, Twitter or their blogs and one thing really stood out for me this week; I realized this “share how you feel” thing does have it’s down side.
I think we are becoming dangerously close to voiding our souls for the sake of our own opinion.  I mean it’s become way to easy for us all to say the first thing that pops into our head because, let’s face it, telling someone off in a written note is always easier than having to face them in person.  We all talk about internet bullying but we do have the choice to disconnect.  Very different is the case if that bully is standing right in front of you.  That of course, is the great debate isn’t it?
It’s so easy for us to laugh and ridicule others when they are a flat screen internet image.  We have almost become inhuman now that our lives have become blips and blops on an eliminated screen.  At any given moment we can view anything our little lusts desire and we will defend our right to do this at almost any cost.  Don’t forget however, that once viewed you can never remove it from your mind.  It’s burned there like fire to wood; forever changing your soul.
I recently remarked on a video I chose to watch because of it’s alluring title “This is terrible” or something to that effect and it was of a girl getting punched in the face by a musician who decided he didn’t like her dancing beside him while he performed.  Without any hesitation at all he smashed her in the face.  I have to be honest I have viewed many stupid things on the internet because I am not immune to the thrill of the darkness but something happened to me when I saw this video image.  I was appalled.  I’ve been appalled on many occasion but mostly when I have taken the bait to view these images and videos and then say nothing to denounce the behaviour in them.
You know not even this blog really means anything or does anything.  It is a mere beginning of a thought that should be used to cause an effect.  The effect should be action.  Like maybe it’s high time I put myself out there and join a network for woman who are abused or maybe give to some children’s group for abused children.  The point is, if all we find in viewing a girl getting punched in the face is a slapstick punch line then God help us all.
The incredible thing is when I decided to pipe up against the comments that were being left I was very quickly put in my place and told to move along.  Insult to injury.  Not only did I feel like crap for seeing this poor girl getting her face punched but then I had to defend my position that there was no humour in the action.  I’m still beside myself.  Let me be honest, I have laughed at others.  There is an entire T.V show that laughs at the mishaps of others and I admit I get a lot of pleasure out of a misguided Frisbee to the groin.  There is an odd black comedy to those unplanned moments but I think it’s fair to say we need to be careful that the black does not get obscured by the darkness.
Punching a woman in the face is never for humour, period!  Violence of any kind should be nothing but what it is, violence! An act of aggression on another person to force total submission.  I am hopeful the people who decided to make light of this video are good hearted people but isn’t what makes us truly good the ability to be reflective and admit our mistakes? Let’s face it.  It’s not a long trip to the dark side.  Just look at the state of the world.  I think this “let’s laugh until it feels tolerable” notion is what might be keeping us in the bell jar.
Let’s be clear.  Not everything can be, or should be, sugar coated with laughter.  Maybe I’m wrong here and it is funny she got punched in the face?  I’m still not convinced.
This is the video if you want to see what I am referring to in my article this week.



Here are some support groups if any of you find yourself in a time of need.

Yonge Street Mission


YWCA Toronto


North York Women’s Shelter


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