“Let’s Worship at the Altar of Cinema!”

Posted by Bruce on November 14, 2011
Star Moments

I woke up Tuesday with a slight headache. Not sure why. but I feared the day was going to get lost on my pillow. Ever have days like that – when not even the city can clear you from your condo coma? I rolled out into the hallway and down to the kitchen to brew myself of cup of Joe.

My phone rang. “Good morning. C’est moi.” The voice on the phone sounded smooth as silk. It was the “Sapphire Lady”! I croaked out a simple “good morning.” “How would you like to join me at a film premiere tonight?” She teased. I suddenly felt the coffee rush straight to my man chakra. “Tell me more!” All she would say was that I would love the film and it might be a topic for this week’s blog. I could not refuse and why would I? It was generous of her to make such an offer. That was just what my blog needed. Something fresh! Something new! My happy feet were tapping all over my faux hardwood floor. “Oh, and by the way, the director will be there for a question and answer session (Q & A) after the film.” I held my forehead and fell to the sofa. See you at 6 sharp at the Tiff Bell Lightbox. Headache gone!

I arrived at 6, as requested. My friend had not arrived, so I decided check out the lobby of the Lightbox which is a temple dedicated to all things film. Just to the left of me was the poster for the film – “Happy Feet Two” – in 3D and directed by George Miller. I am such a sucker for feature animations. I think I own every Disney animation ever made. Of course, George Miller became famous for his blockbusters such as the Mad Max series and who could forget Babe! FYI, he is directing the next chapter in the Mad Max series which will be released in 2012.

I decided to step out for a bit of night air and wait for her chariot to arrive. Only a few minutes, and she arrived. “Come darling let’s go worship at the altar of film!” She is an aficionado and is a dedicated supporter of Tiff. Her philanthropy ensures that “children at risk” are able to attend “Tiff Kids”. Who even knew that Tiff has a film festival just for kids every April? It runs for 12 days – just like the one for the adults. And, there is a Q&A after every film – just like Tiff in September! Did you know there are summer film day camps for kids at Tiff? Outstanding!

We float upward towards a lovely bar called Luma. A glass of Pinot Noir for me and a Stella for her. The waiter was a looker and I couldn’t stop looking. The hour flew and we were off to the premiere.

As we approached the theatre, we encountered security. Why so serious? I wondered as they scanned me for recording devices front and back. I never thought that people would try to steal the film before its release. So I played along and got frisked. That was the most action I had all week!

The film was outstanding! It starts out with an amazing Janet Jackson number “Rhythm Nation”. Loved it and then a quick transition to a Michael Jackson tune. I was in animation heaven. I have to say the movie lived up to it’s hype. The characters are complex and interesting. The story is important for kids of all ages. Watch for the two shrimp characters – they are fabulous.

After the film, the director George Miller was welcomed to the stage by one of Toronto’s popular critics (Richard Crouse). The question and answer period was unlike anything I had ever seen. Kids were lined up in the aisles, eagerly waiting to ask their most important questions. “How many penguins are in the film? How did you get the penguins to sing? How did you get the colors to be so intense? And, so many more …” And, Miller took the time to answer every single question.

All the movie hype, the grand spectacle of a premiere and shaking hands with the director was truly an honor. And, I have the pics.

In a world that very seldom listens to kids at all. George Miller took an hour or more to listen to them all.


I think it’s time I threw in some kisses!!!!!

Happy Feet Two

4 kisses out of 5

The Tiff Bell Lightbox

4 kisses out of 5

On a personal note:

Happy Birthday Pop who turned 69 this week!!!

Happy Birthday to my Mum Alice she turned 81 today!!!! Super Amazing! 

5 kisses for you both!!!!! 


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