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Posted by Bruce on May 13, 2012
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Sometimes I just love getting up on a day I have nothing to do and I hop on the TTC and head somewhere. Anywhere. No plan. I just go and see where I end up.  It’s amazing how much you miss in the city you live in so sometimes I let my curiosity get the best of me and spend hours just being lost in my city. I highly recommend it. Don’t tell anyone. Just roam around your city. It’s amazing the time you will have on your own.

So I’m out and I come across a really great book sale at East York Town Center.  Sipping my mineral water, I take a trip around the table.  I started in foods of the world and ended up at self help for erectile dysfunction.  I was just about to give up when a noticed a perfectly square book called “teany” (a book about tea and New York)by non other than Moby. Curious. I take a peak and decide I’d give this baby a whirl. It was perfect timing as I had to head into Oshawa to visit an old friend I hadn’t seen in years and this read would be my companion along the way.

The last book I read was “Dracula” so it was time. I have to admit this book is more of the perfect coffee table, tea house, train ridin, bus tourin kinda read. It’s no novel. Moby opened a tea house in New York and this is it’s companion. Really cute and has some interesting historical facts about New York. I gotta get my butt back there for a jaunt around.

As I pull into the Oshawa train station, I was pretty excited about meeting up with my long time buddy, who had just spent the last two years of her life in the pit of Hell, fighting her way back from illness. She was diagnosed with Cancer and my watch stood still when I found out. We sat together in the food court in the Oshawa Center and we sipped our tea’s and for the first time I heard her story of survival and triumph over her illness.

I watched her go from laughter to tears and back to laughter as she told me everything she could recall of her journey. She told me once you go through something like that you are never the same. You look at the world and your life and everyone in it from a different set of eyes when you get of real taste of mortality.  Her story was inspiring and as scary as the melting snow caps and I had mentioned that she should write a book.

As I  shared some thoughts with her and we discuss both sides of life the good and the bad. One thing was clearer than ever. Neither time, illness, disappointment or success could ever be more important than friendship and family.

The sad thing was, that in hearing about her journey, it was amazing how little some of those around her really grasped and appreciated what she went through and what a true miracle it is that she is still here.  Maybe it is the way they cope, who am I to judge but I understood that she even has family members who are not speaking with her. I wanted to just reach out and slap them. As her eyes filled with tears and she said “Isn’t it enough that I beat cancer but now I have to beat the way my —— are treating me?”

I didn’t know what to say.  Imagine going through such a scary possibility to come out the other side to have those closest to you kick you in the ass again. I can’t imagine! I held her hands and said you will get through this. The mood lightened slightly when I said “Girl you have the name of your book!” I told her and she laughed her head off. I do hope she uses it. It will be a million seller.

Isn’t it amazing what life gets lived, with tea? Think of everything you have experienced. Tea is not far behind. As we finished up ours, I grabbed my teany book and slipped it into my travel bag. “Let’s do lunch!” I said. Time flew and after lunch it was time for me to be off. She waited at the bus stopped with me and I had hoped she would follow me back to Toronto.

As I curled up on the train that was preparing to take me home, I thought. “Life with Tea. If it were only so simple.  All the best my dear friend. I’ll always be in your corner.” From the overhead speakers “Stand clear of the doors. The doors are now closing. Our next station stop…..”



419 West King Street, #1135
Oshawa, ON L1J2K5

Tel: (905) 438-9838

3 kisses out of 5 (they were super slow)

teany the book

4 kisses out of 5

2 Comments to Life With Tea

  • This is just a small part of a wonderful email I received. It means so much!

    Dear Friend,

    Your blog made me cry. Just think about all the various conversations you have held with others over a hot cup of tea. I find tea comforting.

    Thanks for being in my corner. I need you.

    Love always

  • Update on Teany the restaraunt:

    Bad news for all those tea drinking vegans on the lower east side.

    Late last week, Teany Cafe — an NYC vegan eatery co-founded by Moby — was destroyed in a fire. According to reports, an electrical fire ignited the vegan restaurant and gutted the building on Rivington Street.

    Moby opened the joint in 2002 with this his then girlfriend Kelly Tisdale, and later turned it over to Tisdale exclusively.

    On his blog, Moby wrote:

    ”Apparently Kelly is working hard to repair it and get it re-opened. So there’s a good chance that Teany will re-open at some point in the next month or two.”

    Woo! We’re happy to hear that the veggie restaurant will once again stand tall. Oh wait…I mean stand “Teany.”

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