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Posted by Bruce on July 06, 2014
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2a0eebd99256bc0733fb1a5d00af7205One of my favourite things to do is to celebrate the seasons.  There are so many amazing ways to take the time to enjoy the changing of the seasonal guard.  The one celebration I love the most is the Sabbat of “Litha”; also known as the Summer Solstice.  It takes place on June 21st and it marks the coming of Summer and the celebration of the Sun!  I like to take my amazing dog with me and mark the day with a hike down the Don Valley!  It’s just a great time to get back to nature, which I like to do as much as I can.
This is a time for fire!  The Sun has grown and we are finally free from the frost of Winter’s grasp, which this past winter was horrific!  One of the worst in reason memory in fact.  Midsummers eve is a time for love magic!  Herbs collected on this night are said to be most potent!  Well, I am certainly all for that!  Bring on the herbs!
It’s at this time of year, and after my long hike, that I love to visit one of my favourite tea spots, “David’s Tea”.  I’m sure I have mentioned them before but well worth another mention.  I love the way they line up the tins of tea.  You can take your time and smell the aromas and choose just the right tea for how you are feeling or what you may be celebrating.  On this day I choose something light and fruity.  I also choose it prepared over ice.  An amazing treat and they even put out a water dish for Agnetha (my dog) to enjoy!  Not enough shops put a dish out for the pups and I refuse to go in if they don’t!
There a several David’s Teas in Toronto.  My two favourite locations are Church St. and Uptown Yonge! The staff is always so helpful.  I love stopping in to say hello and enjoy the tea!
I had mentioned earlier that I enjoy a book about the seasons.  This book is called “The Wiccan Year” by Judy Ann Nock (Author of A Witch’s Grimoire- I have that one too).  It’s a fairly new release so if you’re into that sort of thing you should check it out.
Throughout the wheel of the year, I will share some bits and pieces of it with you.  The next noteworthy day on the Wiccan Calendar is Lughnasad which takes place on August 1st.  The first day of the Celtic Autumn!  But let’s enjoy the Summer first shall we?
Well the city is bustling now and it’s time for us to take our tea and head back down through the path!  It’s an amazing trail.  One I also like to visit in the Fall. The leaves are just outstanding!
Check out my link of David’s Tea on the side bar!

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