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Posted by Bruce on February 10, 2013
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What is with all this snow?  180 km an hour winds! Weather bomb! Extreme cold warning! Reduced visibility!  I hate winter, but instead of getting all caught up in the “F”ebruary blues, I want to share some thoughts about something warmer, love.

OK, for those of you that are left and celebrating the approaching holiday of love I think, as I have stated before, January is truly the testing month for all relationships and so very fitting that February be the time to celebrate the fact that you made it.  Why is it so difficult? Well easy to explain! The deep freeze.  In the Spring, Summer and even Autumn you can pretty much get stimulated by great weather, patio’s, pretty much everything but in January, forget it. Unless you are a snow hugger your screwed and stuck with that love of your life in the four walls of your love shack. You get the pleasure of sitting on top of each other over the winter months and if it happens to be a colder or whiter winter than it’s even harder to get out of each others frizzy hair.

Anyone else feeling the pressure of the winter blahs? To be honest. I have never felt so kicked in the head by winter before. I don’t know why that is this year. On an up note, my partners birthday falls on the 5th of Feb. Which helps so much because it really gives me something to look forward to.

I think I have one fit almost everyday. You can just ask any of my closes colleagues. Their constantly giving me my emotional code blue. Which I appreciate so much, being of an artists mind, I think I’m sometimes too sensitive. It comes in handy but it sometimes gets me into trouble.

There was one day of sunshine on Wednesday, this past week and I just wanted to rip off all my cloths and soak up that sun!  Unfortunately it was minus 10 and I was working. I guess I should save that for Hanlan’s Point anyway!

So, relationships!  I came up with a few solutions that seem to really be helping us out this winter.   Try a few and see what you think.  First, turn off your computer!!! I know right! Read my blog and then turn off the computer. Read my blog. Make a comment and then shut off your computer. Yes that’s better.

Once you have disconnected with cyber space, choose something to do that will involve you and your partner.  You know, you can always pull out that old card deck.  A few rounds around your dining room table is a great way of getting some much needed conversation going. Plus if you have any frustrations with your partner, you can kick his/her ass at cards! It’s a very satisfying feeling beating the love of your life at a game of cards.

Here is a thought. Go to bed. Not for sex or to sleep but to chat. Get on some cozy PJ’s and get under the covers.  Face each other and take some time to probe. Not about bills or the mess of your bedroom but just stuff. Things you have been thinking about (the good things). Ask some questions like “What have you been up to?” or “How’s everything going?” It’s amazing how out of touch we can really get with our partners.  Being in “Tune” with each other doesn’t just happen. Like a good radio, sometimes you gotta turn the nob!

And lastly, spankings! I’m kidding, I just wanted to see if you were still paying attention.  of course you could get into a little of that to but I think getting into the kitchen with each other can be allot of fun also.  Get a fabulous recipe and make something! Seriously, why not? If it doesn’t turn out you can always order in but at least you have engaged in each other and also created a moment to remember.

One last thought for you guys. You know we often wait for that big trip to rekindle the romance and excitement, well why not pretend you are the guest in your own home. Snoop around! When was the last time you went through those old photo albums? Even on your computer. What’s there? Hide the porn first. Or maybe not? We take all these pictures and often look at them once. Go down memory lane together.  Remember good times. Imagine how your energy can shift right where you live and love. Stop saving your best bottle of wine for the guests. Stop waiting for a special occasion to make that amazing dinner together and for heaven sake stop worrying about getting the bed messed up. Pull up the covers, invite your lover and remember “kids” we only got a few more weeks to go!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t forget! It’s not the size of the Valentine but how it’s given!


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