Lovin Pat!

Posted by Admin1 on October 19, 2014

10731690_1539747676240658_1956353856_nIt’s not often I mention a person by name on my blog when chatting about a pub or shop I have visited, but in this case it just wouldn’t be right not to name this amazing person!  Ladies and Gents meet Pat! She works at a very well known pub in the heart of Toronto called The Village Idiot!  My partner and I stopped in for a quick lunch on our way to St. John’s Market.  We were going to see our favourite organic veggie growers, “Fiddlehead Farm”, but decided we needed a little bite before we got there.  We passed a pub we had visited before, long before I started my blog.  What a perfect time to pay another visit and enjoy a second experience.  The first time we went was in 2007 and it was in the middle of a crazy summer storm.
It was beginning to sprinkle out and we thought it must be a sign.  We entered the pub and we were quickly seated by a fabulous blonde with the biggest and most welcoming smile.
Pat had a presence about her that I could only describe as magic.  I describe things as magic when I can’t put into words a feeling of grandeur and passion that brings my skin to goose bumps.  This lovely person did this to us both, I’m certain.  Pat took care of us as though we had known her for 10 years or more.  She floated around the pub like it was a carnival.
Pat did not miss a beat and still made plenty of time for her other guests!  She was thrilling and we decided immediately I had to write about her.
I can’t forget about the food.  We ordered two burgers and fries!  Simple and delicious!  Honestly they could have been terrible we probably wouldn’t have noticed as we were Lovin Pat!!
Thanks Pat for your passion and care!  I’m sure you have a fabulous story to tell.  I hope we get to hear it someday!
B.I.T.C (Bruce in the City)
The Village Idiot

Edited by: Mary Ellen Monk


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