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Posted by Bruce on February 24, 2019
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You know it’s sort of funny when you think about it. When you’re a blogger, such as I am, your followers (mine over 21,000 registered readers) can get the impression that every living moment is over the top active and fabulous. You all know that isn’t true right? Just like everyone else days can go by at a glacial pace, especially in the winter. We are all doing our damndest to get out of the cold and into something hot and comforting.

Well I was introduced to a trendy little coffee shop by a buddy of mine called Black Bear Espresso. You should give it a visit if you are in the Yonge and College area and want a nice change from the corporate monster with the sea goddess on their cup (I think that’s what it is). I personally think their coffee tastes like designer gasoline. The whole “over the top happiness” is also super invasive. It may work for some but I don’t need to know the emotional well being of the employees who always seem to be shooting and banging stuff around. Also, what’s this need to be steaming our names across the room?

This cozy Black Bear spot offers a more discrete atmosphere to enjoy the sounds of steam without the noise pollution. The coffee and treats are delicious. The artistry of their presentation is lovely. A place to just enjoy being incognito. It’s located right across the street from my favourite movie house (The Carlton). Their pastries are beautifully made and have such a homemade flavour and feel. So when you’re looking for that quiet moment in your day to just sit and take a breather, consider the Black Bear Espresso. You won’t regret it!

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