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Posted by Bruce on September 28, 2014
Check it Out!, Try It!
What a fabulous Sunday!  The last of September.  What a stunning week we have had!  The weather has been wonderful.  The perfect of weeks to make a trip up north.  I usually have a chance to go north at least twice during the summer to Buck Lake but with the summer I’ve had, it just never came to fruition.
Of course then I found myself the luckiest of men when I found myself invited by my new employer to attend a three day conference at Deer Hurst Resort!  I really had no idea what to expect, and not being much of a traveller, I was nervously excited about the trip but how could I say no?
Three amazing days at one of the loveliest resorts in Ontario; it’s a no brainer!  Just say yes!  What better way to take a road trip but with two other guys you hardly know.  They have been with the company for several years and offered to take me up since I’m not a driver.  On arrival in Huntsville we stopped at a little restaurant downtown.  I can’t remember the name (which I never do that, I never forget the name but… Ya I just can’t recall).  I think it is something like The Million… Something! (The Mill On Main)
I have to tell you they had some of the best balls I’ve ever had!  They were huge.  Way more than a mouth full. A nd three!  Three big warm cheese balls just for me.  Perfect after a 3 hour tour of the northland.  I really wish I had the name for you so you could try out those balls!  When I find out I’ll add it in brackets!
There, of course, was so much that was covered over the three days I was at Deer Hurst, but one event really blew me away; the evening Gala!  Wow!  They hired an incredible band called “The Mad Hatters”.  I’m telling you they were funky, edgy, harmonies that were spot on and they performed everything from Michael Jackson to Stevie Wonder and that was just the R&B part of the show!  Wicked!
No one was sitting I will tell you that.  They were non stop and the crowd was loving every minute of it!
I spent a few minutes with them between their first and second set and found out they do write their own stuff. I would love to have heard that.  They invited me to a little after party but it was getting late and I had to be up very early the next morning.  I think I regret that!
I had to write a little something about them because I really think I’m going to be seeing them under some bright lights event somewhere, somehow!  A band this hot won’t be put in the corner for very long!  So as I enjoyed the rest of my week at the fabulous Deer Hurst Resort I couldn’t help but wonder where these boys may be playing next and how could I get there to see them!
I’ll have to work on that!
editor Mary Ellen Smith

Please enjoy this bio direct from the bands website

Over the course of ten years, The Madhatters have established themselves as a crucial element to the Niagara Region’s music scene.  All born and raised in Niagara Falls, the rock-esque quartet oozes with melodic instrumentals and larger-than-life vocals.  The Madhatters name was brought to the table over ten years ago, and after a few line-up changes and some fine-tuning Pietrangelo, Richards, Gigliotti & Smith have acquired a clean sound and effortless feel which does not go unnoticed.  Believing that in order to write hit songs, you need to play hit songs, The Madhatters have mastered the live show with their beyond accurate portrayal of covers. Having earned a supportive following, they have taken on the role of original songwriters and are currently recording their own original music as well.  Having shared a bill with such artists as Bruce Springsteen, Dave Rave (Teenage Head), David Usher, Smash Mouth & Honeymoon Suite, The Madhatters have experienced the rush of playing in front of over 25,000 people.  Currently, the boys are keeping busy with regular shows in and around Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area.

“I seriously could not have said it better!”



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