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Posted by Bruce on October 18, 2015
Star Moments

Man I hate that fire department crap!  Hot men with nothing better to do but blow off their horn.  Don’t get me wrong, I love and respect what they are doing to keep us all safe from burning ourselves down, but not in the middle of my writing session.  It’s a total kill joy.  I much prefer seeing them racing down the street.  It’s annoying but at least there is a visual.  Are you hearing me ladies??12109074_10156141305305521_890541255805054184_n

Back to Madge!  As the concert began it was honestly really exciting to see one of the world’s most iconic people doing what she does best… entertain!  She is quite the performer and you know it’s for this reason that I feel like crap telling you I wasn’t blown away.  She has this song and the lyrics are like “Jesus loves my pussy best” and she did this weird last supper thing where she was laying all over the last supper table and sang over and over “Jesus loves my pussy best”.  Not only am I so tired of religious references in music but I just don’t need to know what Madonna’s pussy is doing and who likes it.  The audience in my opinion felt the same with a lack luster response at the end when we all prayed that Jesus would remove the image of Madonna’s VJJ (Oprah) out of our mind forever.

And this was in the first 15 minutes of the show!!  I thought the dancers were sloppy at best, and maybe if they smoked less gunga they wouldn’t appear as slow and tired.  The best part was this “swinging on poles” thing that lasted much longer than it needed to and got tired rather quickly.  Circus de so gay!

So with us recovering from the “Vagina” monologues, we decided to try and keep an open mind.  I mean this is Madonna!!  We are suppose to worship her!  Right? So we decided to get on board the Madonna ride and have some fun.  Honestly and seriously it wasn’t a great show but I will tell you when Madonna decided to get real and chat it out with us she was endearing and sexy. It made it even more clear that this weird over the top, shocking (but not really) behavior was a waste of time.  She is Madonna.  I think the problem is she doesn’t believe in herself and that comes through in these stupid songs from her new album.  Actually her last two albums have sucked and it’s because she doesn’t trust herself.

I’m most certain Madonna would call me a bitch and slap me but what I think Madonna needs is a real bro/bro’ess (sexist I know, and I’m sorry) in her back pocket to tell her to relax and just be Madge!  That’s all her fans are hoping for.  The rest of the crap was just a bunch of unartistic noise.  Let me just say when Madonna pulled out her guitar and played several of her tunes at the front of the stage, she had us all captivated and that is just the truth.  She could have stood there all night and played to her adoring fans without calling us bitches and without the last supper and without all the crap.

In fact if Madonna truly wanted to be that “Rebel Heart” that she tried so desperately to promote, she needs to unplug just a bit and let us into her real world a little bit “Deeper”.  I love her and the thing was I wasn’t so convinced she loves herself.


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