Posted by Bruce on October 11, 2015
Check it Out!, Star Moments

We arrived at the Madonna concert just before 8 p.m. which gave us just enough time to grab a program and get to our seats.  At about 8:10 p.m. the lights got funky and the projection screen was alive with a big eyeball.  Yup, an eyeball and it wasn’t Madonna but a guy named Michael Diamond who for the next hour was going to torture us with one solid dance groove with very little variation.  The audience was literally leaving the stadium to wait outside to escape these torturous grooves.  I think I may have seen four people actually dancing but only for a moment and then even they got tired of it.  Then he was finally done!
People began to make their way back into the stadium feeling relieved and excited that Madonna should soon be here.  She was already an hour late.  I guess that was the opening act?  It sucked and everyone around us agreed.  We chatted it up with a couple from Hamilton.  That was okay but how far can you go with a conversation about waterfalls?  If you don’t get the reference look up Hamilton.

9:30 p.m. rolled around and my partner and I were getting a bit annoyed.  Madonna was still not here and we were hoping to already be way into her show by now. People of course began yelling we want Madonna, but not me.  I was starting to think, “There’s a nice restaurant down the street”.  Maybe its time for an evening romantic dinner for two.  I leaned over to my partner and said, “If she is not out here by 10 p.m. let’s get out of here”.  We agreed.

9:45 p.m. and Madonna was still a no show!  What the hell?  Can you imagine charging people the money Madonna does and make people wait on there assets for almost 2 hours?  I couldn’t, I was pissed.  At this point I didn’t care if she was like a virgin or a big slut,  I was done waiting for her to coming hobbling out.

Just as we began to make our move the very material girl began her Rebel Heart Concert.  We decided to stay.  Of course I got excited.  I mean it is Madonna!!

Spoiler Alert!!  I’m about to tell you a lot about the show and I would rather have her ruin it than me, so if you’re going to see her stop reading now……………

Okay, so I may not have any people reading this because, let’s face it, who isn’t going to see Madonna?  I hope… I mean I’m sure this will be her final bow.

Let’s get into it shall we?  The show started with these dancers dressed up like ape military creatures marching around the stage.  There was weird music going and it was reminiscent of when Michael Jackson made that video of himself as a big golden statue and had all these military computer generated guards marching in worship.  He did get a little ostentatious by the end didn’t he but let’s leave the King of Pop out of this.  My point is it looked as though she did rip this off of Michael but who’s counting.  Now she did play Wanna Be Startin Something by Michael Jackson just before her show began and that was definitely a highlight of the night at least for me.  It was a crowd pleaser.

Anyway, they marched around for a few minutes and then Madge made her grand appearance.  It was great to see her standing there.  Then she started to sing. Now we all know that Madonna was never really a good singer and there is no judging her for that.  Most artist now a days can’t sing at all and use the computer to enhance every note they squawk out and we buy their shit anyway, so God love Madonna.  At least she took vocal lessons later on in life to play the role in Evita, which I really loved.

Here she was, my Evita…….. Aw shit they’re testing the fire alarm in my building!!!!!  I can’t concentrate now!!!!!

TO BE CONTINUED OCT 18TH…………….. Happy Thanksgiving!!


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