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Posted by Bruce on October 27, 2013
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What an amazing week I had! Seriously! I am not sure what was in the air but it seemed like a lot of magic.  I usually spend my weeks blogging about things to B.I.T.C about but this week it was all about the rebirth and the celebration of loves and other fellows!  My great friend Rob was pulling together a 60th celebration party for the man of his dreams, Andy.  We were all on board to meet at their fabulous condo in the gay heart of Toronto.

The problem is, it’s hard to get everyone together for something like that because well let’s face it when you have as many friends as they do one or two are most likely not getting along.  It’s normal of course but the real question is how do you get them all in one room and get the love flowing freely.

I think a bit of it is left up to the magic of the night and the other is to ply them with the best wine, spirits and beer money can buy.  Of course playing some great tunes and showing a slide presentation that forces us all to take a good look at all the wonderful times we have had together over the years, doesn’t hurt.

It becomes increasingly more difficult as we age, to be forgiving, I think. Shit happens. Hurts happen. Misunderstandings happen and in some cases friendships can be the casualty.  Don’t you find a lot of times in life some sort of tragedy will bring family or friends back together, though. I kind of hate that because then it has that feeling of, we waited too long.  Life smacks you in the face and tragedy reminds us we are here but for a flash in time.

I was overjoyed when the healing of wounds happened so organically at my buddy’s 60th Birthday party and not at a horrific Tupperware party.  Oh God, didn’t you hate going to those as a kid. Being dragged along kicking and screaming by your Mother!

The hall was packed, just like those family parties I remember as a kid.  Where I would be asked to get up and impersonate Michael Jackson.  Everyone’s face was a glow caused by the wine and song.  The music was a perfect volume so you could enjoy the conversation drumming in time around the room.

Then there she was just behind the bar smiling at her friends and serving cocktails as only she can.  We had, had a falling out many years ago and though we have tried to put it all behind us it has never really worked out.  Well I kinda needed a drink so I had no choice but to face the music.

I thought I was looking rather sharp with my preppy little tie on and my hair just so.  She was looking wonderful with her hair set to flawless perfection and that top she had on was fabulous.  I thought that may be a good place to start.

She noticed me and she put on her bravest face, with a welcoming smile.  We nodded in sync and we said hello.  She asked me what would I be having and I said no that I didn’t feel right her serving me at the bar.  She ignored me and said here enjoy this. I graciously thanked her and wink and said “Fabulous top” She replied, “It is really nice seeing you. How is everything going?” I was nervous but I could see the sincerity in the question.  I didn’t want to get to excited but it seemed like something in her eyes was trying to tell me, we were ok.

I went back to Jude with his glass of white and mixed and mingled. There were so many fabulous friends there I hadn’t seen in, for ever and so I exhausted myself trying to see them all.

What a party!!! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better a very handsome piper appeared in the room and began playing Happy Birthday to the guest of honour!!!! That was it for me. I was in tears and I hate that because my bronzer and my eyeliner began to run.

I love it when life throws you a curveball that doesn’t hit you in the groin. Of all the times you can try to work things out and all the effort you can put in trying to save a friendship, sometimes all it takes is some much needed time.  If you don’t step back you are not ever really able to asses the damage and God knows it’s scary thinking maybe the damage is too severe but this week I was gifted with hope as I watched all those friends and family celebrate a wonderful guy turn 60.

Was it the bagpipes that conjured up the love? Was it the lights, the cake the wine?  No, I don’t think so.  I think it was something much grander than that. It was magic.  It was forgiveness. It was the celebration for what this whole journey is really about, LIFE!!!!

Of course the party went on long past the witching hour and future plans were made for holiday parties, masquerades and dinners.  We all could not help but feel a great sense of relief knowing we could finally put that dark chapters behind us and somehow, this 60th Birthday celebration orchestrated the whole thing!

Oh what a night. What an amazing night! Those boys always have a way of bringing everyone back together!  It is Halloween week, maybe there really is some magic in the air.

Love Always

Bruce in the City!!


note: names have been changed to respect privacy. BWC Management 2013

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