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Posted by Admin1 on April 19, 2020
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Who’s going nuts? This pandemic situation is not easy. It’s taking a toll on all of us. I only pray it all ends soon and we begin seeing less casualties. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost loved ones in their fight against COVID-19. What a bastard of a virus. Well, wish all we want it’s not going away anytime soon. While we are trapped in our bones doing the right thing by staying home I just felt the need to do some much needed shopping. I just needed a pick-me-up and I couldn’t figure out what the freak to do. I’ve grown tired of hearing Trump verbally fart on. And I can’t listen to the general news every minute, so shopping it was. Either that or endless episodes of masturbation (which lost its flare two weeks ago). I decided to make a wish with Wish! An amazing online shopping service. It’s now my new porn. If you haven’t heard of it you must check it out. Great prices! Fast service! It’s almost too easy. I’ve now made 5 different orders from face masks to knee braces to protect those joint muscles when I’m working out in my loft. I even bought some badass studs for my ears and a gift for a friend.

The prices are unbeatable. During a time when shopping at my favourite mall is impossible, making my wishes come true online seems to be the way of my future.

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

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