Merlot Meltdown

Posted by Admin1 on January 11, 2015
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I never thought it would happen to me!  I always take great care of the ones that mean the most to me!  If anything is needed; a cleaning, an upgrade, I’m there!  But I got sloppy people!  I was in a rush as usual and I thought I would grab my things and get out of work in a hurry following my shift.  I packed up my baby and my newly purchased bottle of grape nectar (Jackson Triggs Reserve Merlot), stuffed everything in my bag and headed off to my daily bus stop wait-a-thon.

A girlfriend of mine rang me up on my cell!  We were making some plans to get together when the worst thing happened.  My guard was down and my bag went with it!!! Clunk! Right on the ground. My bag strap broke “Oh my gosh!  No, No, No, No!”  I hung up immediately from my call.  I never even said goodbye.  I knew this was going to be bad.  People passed and did nothing.  I was in my own personal hell!  The bus went zooming past and that very delicious bottle of JT Merlot was engulfing the inside of my bag and my baby!!!!  It oozed out from my bag onto the sidewalk.

I reached in to find my computer drenched in red potent liquid!  I knew this was bad.  I knew my rush had ended badly!  My buddy.  My baby.  My Lapmance was dead in the wine!

I ran back to my store.  My staff was surprised to see me and knew I was a “Mansel” in distress!  My sad little laptop, dripping wet with a liquid that should have been happily ingested by my guests waiting for me at home.  It was Murdoch night and I had my libation obligation!

I remembered there was a laptop tech place across from the shop.  I dropped everything and ran across the street.  (Not even looking where I was going, a car slammed into me and I went right over the top of the car embracing my baby.  I miraculously landed feet first on the road!  LOL Sorry that part didn’t happen. I just wanted to see if you were still paying attention!)

I did get inside the tech shop and my eyes weld up with tears.  “The Laptop Experts”, they have to give me my Bruce in the City miracle.  The couple behind the front desk could see the look in my eyes. I went into my rant.  I’m surprised they could understand my cry.  I was a wild mess!

They knew I was stressed and just chilled me out immediately.  They said not to worry.  They asked me a few questions and then proceeded to take my baby into the emergency room.  “It will be okay” the techspert said. “Come back tomorrow.”

I was actually shocked to think I was going to get my laptop back the next day and it be ready for use by the next evening.  I was hopeful, but was definitely a doubting Thomas!

I thanked them and left empty handed.  I would have to wait.

Next evening: “Your laptop is fixed.” Techspert

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Really? Like no problems and it’s working?” I asked

“Just a bit of wine staining on the screen and we could not replace the “L” on your key board” he remarked.

My cat Jasper had pulled it off months before so I was okay with that.  Their price was fair considering what I had done to the laptop, and I couldn’t believe how fast they worked.  My partner’s computer is in need of some T.L.C. so I will be stopping by for sure in the near future.

Thanks Laptop Experts!!! You rock!

Laptop Experts

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