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Posted by Admin1 on September 29, 2019
Check it Out!

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been writing a few stories from outside the GTA. That’s the greater Toronto area for those not from around these parts. I’ve been visiting my folks taking a little break from the big city life. That’s what summers are for right? While visiting my folks, I thought I’d take the opportunity to check out some trendy spots in Peterborough. I was actually concerned I wouldn’t find any. Does a city east of the city delve into the trendy? Well it was my curiosity that got the better of me so out I went. Before I do anything, this boy needs coffee. In Toronto, there’s a corporate coffee shop on almost every business corner. To be fair, there’s a ton of mom and pop coffee shops to enjoy, as well. I’ve written about a few over the last 9 years. I love a good coffee. I went downtown Peterborough to check out the culture of the city. There are a dozen corporate coffee shops in the borough too, but I was looking for something a little less burnt cheap beans and a little more rustic cosmopolitan. I started my downtown stroll on the lower east side. The cities one and only cineplex stands there. A big business eating up the local theatre, now housing Pride events and live theatre. At least the city adapted to the, I’m guessing hostile take over of movie night? Surprisingly, I actually quickly discovered several cute and trendy coffee houses downtown. I had to chose one, and so I searched along the main strip, if there is one, in the downtown core. “A place where people can mingle and mix and be.” Tom Hanks (You’ve Got Mail). To my surprise, I stumbled across one. So cute! So rustic sheik. The Cork and Bean.

Isn’t that a great name for what has now become all the rage, the coffee/whiskey bar? The front is appropriately adorned with large sliding windows to let the smell of roasted coffee beans waft out into the street. I entered the front door and to my left are shelves with merchandise in perfect product placement. To my right, was the coffee bar and a row of bar stool style seats and tables. Women and men dressed in the fashions of two years ago, but still looking sharp and the cutest fellows behind the counter. Oh what do they call people who have studied how to make coffee? Um, A Barista! I almost blurted that out from my cozy spot on the comfy couch located just up the next landing to the right. I get so involved when I’m writing. I was impressed by the persuasive beverage menu. Lattes, Espresso, Whiskeys, Wines, and beers!

Oh my! I’ve used that joke before, but it still holds up! Well to anyone over 30. This may be a shallow thing, but don’t you like to go where the pretty people are? I do. I think there’s nothing worse than dining, shopping or even breathing around people with no sense of style or bathing. I don’t want to smell what you had for dinner last night. Is that wrong? Toronto has jaded me, I guess; made me kind of a coffee expert. And I’m pleased to report that there were no stinkys to be smelt anywhere in the shop. Love it. Apparently, there’s another one of these in Oshawa, but who really wants to go there? Come check out Cork and Bean. So hot! So now! So tall, dark, and handsome. My favourite part? It’s super LGBTQ friendly. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime. Don’t be shy, say hello and don’t forget to tip your hottie! 


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