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Posted by Bruce on July 15, 2018
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I always say the best part of writing my blog is meeting all you really interesting people, from all walks of life. My blog is neither straight nor gay. Black or white. It’s just my little space in the world I truly feel I can call my own. For a few minutes each week I get to stop the work and sit down to write to all of you. It’s more than just the building I may enter but the relationships I end up entering as well. When I discovered one of my favourite pubs last year, I met this guy. His name is Aaron and he’s not just another handsome bar tender but an amazing listener. I don’t always enjoy going out with a bunch of people. Sometimes I love the solitude of oneness. I’m always ready to meet that new person and make a new acquaintance. Well I happened upon this bearded fellow and fellow bear and I discovered this.
Just as I was getting to know Aaron I learned he was heading off to Ottawa. I was so bummed but I’m used to that in a big city. People come and go all the time in the big city. Before he left he shared with me one of his personal passions. We all have them.
This is Aaron’s:
At about the age of six, he and those around him noticed he liked to draw on walls and, well, everything.
Throughout Aaron’s younger years, being a bigger boy, didn’t leave him with many friends. Kids can be so cruel. This gave Aaron more time to experiment with drawing and painting. He never went to art school to advance his knowledge of art. I never pressed why but I concluded Aaron is self taught. He mostly works in acrylic paint and has a passion for doing abstract pieces, big or small, doesn’t matter the size. It’s nice to know he’s not a size queen.
When the mood strikes Aaron, he is compelled to put on music and paint (he always need music). ”It breaks your focus so you don’t think about the painting, you just do it.”
Aaron works long hours (usually 12 hours) at his regular job. It leaves little time to paint so mostly it’s done on days off or during odd hours. His painting is always done at home. He sets up his easel, grabs a canvas and brush and goes to town.

Aaron’s ultimate dream is to host his own art show and have people see his works. If you want to check out more of Aaron’s beautiful work or contribute to his dream and purchase his art here are a couple contacts for him.

I wish Aaron all the best and look forward to attending the opening of his first art exhibit.


@aaroncustomart (Instagram)

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