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Posted by Bruce on October 02, 2016
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Arwen Humphreys @arwenhumphreys Oct 3

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Thank you so much for writing this piece! Sincerely, The Rebellious Miss A/Mrs B

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What a wonderful comment from Actor Arwen Humphreys!!

Bruce in the City!

Hey Brucesters!

It’s great to join you for another week of Bruce in the City.  This is one of my favourite blogs because I get to write about my favourite drama on T.V., Murdoch Mysteries!  Tonight I’m kicking back enjoying some Caleta Sauvignon Blanc and some sweet jazz as I lay total chill in my bedroom.  I got a new bed and I’m telling you, if you need a new bed just do it.  It is total self care to have a good bed.


Anyway, yesterday I was so lucky to get to go to a special screening of the first episode of Murdoch Mysteries season 10!  Can you imagine 10 years have gone by just like that.  I’d like to know how none of the actors have aged!!!  I must look into this further.  Anyway, not only did I get to see the episode but it was also a Q and A with Yannick Bisson as well as all your favourites!!  For all you fans out there, of course you were tuned in to the live cast on Facebook.  CBC put on quite a show but of course, as always I do have my complaints but I’ll get to that in a bit.


It is such a thrill for everyone that attends these events.  Last year we were in attendance for the 100th episode.  I had much better seats last year but you can’t win them all.  When will Bruce in the City go viral?  I hope not any time soon; I do love my anonymity.  I did get recognized which is always fun.  I had my first selfie with a fan reader.  That was cool.  I posted a quick spot on my Instagram account just before the screening took place.  I’m looking forward to doing more stuff like that in the future.


Yannick Bisson was a total delight of course.  It was very refreshing when he actually started opening up a bit about some personal background.  You can tell he has been in the business since a child by the way he speaks about his work.  It’s very personal and he seems very proud of what he does, but humble even still.  Those cheek bones!!!  Come on, one just doesn’t get those babies everyday.  Are they implants?  I’m just saying they are pretty perfect.

I have to tell you my favourite person on the show is Arwen Humphreys.  She is such a rebel, it’s written all over her grin.  She really enjoys being Mrs. Brackenreid.  There were hints that her character was going to be getting some much wanted screen time and more character development this year.  That was a nice bit of news.  She always responds to my Tweets so she gets my vote!  Wink!


Actually Mr. Bisson is great at Tweeting as well.  He cares about his fans and that’s cool!

There were very few hints given but certainly by the giggles and looks it seems to me that Jonny Harris’ character is going to be getting into some more hot water with the ladies.  They were mentioning character development at the Q & A as I mentioned, and the one character I think that has grown probably the most is Harris’.  I rewatched the first episode when I got home last night so I could recall the way they were and let’s face it, George Crabtree was a bashful dating daisy when the show began.  Awkward and sincere. Now he’s dating a lady who works in a Gentlemen’s Club.  Not that I have an issue with this but let’s face it, Crabtree might acquire a little more crab than tree!

And what’s with Murdoch’s need to stay sober.  (Crossing my chest in the sign of a cross.)  Let’s get a drink into that overworked man of mystery!!  I’d love to see that wouldn’t you?  A real let loose moment for Murdoch.  Oh dear, I see a very annoyed Julia Ogden in our future!  Nothing better than a man misbehaving.  Sorry, I have a thing for the bad boy!


Of course I am not going to be a killjoy and leak out anything from episode 1 season 10 but I will say it was darn good.  Those writers are just mint and what a real pleasure to get to see them live and take in their experience and passion for their careers and work.

So many questions unanswered.  How will Julia cope after the slaying of Eva Pearce?  Who will be killed off this year?  Is this a new Murdoch trend?  As we wait for October 10th to role around there is definitely a fire stoking to get answers to these burning questions.  The writers are poised to take us on a wild ride in season 10 and all we have to do is sit back and enjoy. It’s about to happen Murdoch cometh!

I may sit back and enjoy the episodes this season but I will also be doing something very exciting with my blog this Murdoch season.  I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag.  That is just a weird and disturbing statement which I retract.  The point is, you will just have to wait and see what I’ll be doing to bring Murdoch to life on my blog this season.  It will be posted on Thursday after certain episodes.  I’ll keep you in the loop as we go along!


Okay, so as promised I must get my two cents in there about the event itself.  They didn’t take debit to buy Murdoch stuff and had no sign to tell you so when you got around the big old line up to buy their Murdoch pens and shirts and books oh my… We were then hit with the news, “Oh sorry we don’t take debit!!!!!”  Awwwww!

Second! The event ran from 1:30-6 p.m. with a 15 minute break.  Put out a small nibble that was a bit much and by the time you got through the line up with your pop and bag of chips the event was back in session. “Sorry no food or drink in the theater!” WWWHHHHHAAAAT!!!!!!!!!  By 6 p.m. I thought I was going to pass out!  And no not because Yannick is so darn cute! Because I was starving!  Get some donuts!  Get some coffee!!!  Next year!

Okay there was a little Bruce in the City for you B.I.T.C!!!!  Other than that is was a marvelous time!


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