My Birthday Bash! Ah can you call 911 please? Thanks!

Posted by Bruce on April 09, 2011
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OMG! I know! Where the freak have I been with my blog? Well, March proved to be a ridiculously busy month for me.  I know it’s no excuse but it’s true.  I performed a really kool charity concert for a local charity. I know what a good deed do’er!  Then I went ahead and turned the big Four Zero.  I had girls day out at Canada Blooms, which was amazing.  Had a crazy dream about my cat Juliet who taught me to stop worrying so much about the rules and start living!  I know that was a serious what the “F%#@” but it’s true just ask my therapist and yes we should all have one!  I began to love my day job again, after taking in a really great mini seminar and my friends and family came through with parties, gifts, wishes and way too much vino for one lifetime!

I have been feeling remarkably clear of late.  Maybe it’s the Four Zero thing or maybe it’s the fit of my new boxers!  I’m thinking its a spring thing and once again my friends and I are on the prowl for the trendiest hot spots right here in our little city.  I love our city!  Toronto, the city with the big penis!

I know you want to hear a story.  Well I will tell you I am in the middle of a book.  Not reading silly writing!  I know! I’ll get back to that news later. 

Anyway, March 26th 2011 was the day. After 8 was not just a small chocolate but the arrival time of my Birthday extravaganza at Pegasus.   Most of all my important peeps showed up, the partner, the family, the old friends, the new friends and even my hair stylist!  Who of course has become one within the inner circle of the conclave!  This is the man who turned Birthday Bash into a reality! 

Needless to say we had the time of our lives!  Just as the hour grew late many began to pack themselves up and make their way to the exit! When all hell broke loose or at least my fab hairdresser did!  Somehow he lost control of his footing and flew down the long flight of stairs leaving the club and dove head first into the door below! 

Wow intense!  One ambulance later we were all left pondering the fate of my talented friend! 

He didn’t make it….

to the next club I mean but after a few stitches he came through unscathed! What a super trouper!  I am glad to announce he is just fine and one thing for sure!  It’s one Birthday Bash I won’t soon forget!



Pegasus Bar
Pegasus Bar

Pegasus Bar

489 Church St. Toronto On.

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