“My Mama. Joe Mamas!”

Posted by Admin1 on November 08, 2010

I planned to stay home and relax, maybe take in one of my favourite movies on the TV.  When I received a call from a couple of buds.   They  wanted me to go out to one of our favourite cocktail spots in Yorkville.  I declined.  Yes that’s right!  I declined.  Are you shocked that I was making myself unavailable for consultation?  A boy can’t always say yes to cocktails and fabulous adventures.  I took the responsible road and decided tonight I was going to stay home.  Ha ha ya right clearly you still don’t know me that well.  Don’t get me wrong I say no all the time but this wasn’t one of those times.   plus I’m not so sure a story about me watching a movie and eating grilled cheese would do it for my Brucesters.  Oh forgive me I’ve given you all a nickname.  Oh come on Gaga calls her peeps her little monsters!  I had to remove myself from her fan base immediately!  I had to decide then and there that I was still too independent to be called someones monster. My partner doesn’t even get that privilege.  Well, at least not in public!  Hmm OK scratch that no nickname for you.  let’s face it not every idea is a good one.

Just like my decision to go out on the town, I should have reconsidered but  I got pulled together and  dressed in my best, covered in Burberry with a splash of Tom Ford, I decided to go for it.  Before I headed out i decided to give my mama a call.  I had been missing her and I wanted her to talk me out of going out.     Do you ever get that sometimes?  Your all busy living your most important adult life and it hits you “I should really call my mom and see how she’s doing.”  Well it happens to me!  and of course I loved our chat but I don’t heed her advice and off I go to party with my buddies!

I arrive feeling fab, the music was  pumping  my favourite super cute bartender working the bar.  Me and the boys descend to absorb cocktails.  What! Wait! No! What do you mean private party!  I was so disappointed my energy drained the bar if it’s light.  Literally the lights on the bar dimmed to almost nothing.  it was very poltergeist or Carrie or something.  Oh God we were going to have to go somewhere else.  I knew I should have stayed home.  It was a football league party.  An end of rear thing….. I mean year thing.  I don’t know it looked like a spank and sprinkle party with all those tackle posters everywhere.  I was very ready to stay and get acquainted but a lass we had to move on.  I do have to add the cute bartender did serve us up a few perfect drafts with just the right amount of head.

One of my friends made a suggestion and since I was feeling wide open thanks to a couple of perfect drafts I said lets do it.  Moments later our cab was dropping us off in front of the hot spot.  Oh I think the night is about to improve dramatically!  I felt like I had been transported out of the city and  placed in the middle of  Soul Train USA!  All around us framed photography of Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross, Smoky Robinson, Stevie Wonder and The Jackson  5.  The walls were velvet red and the bar was long and inviting.  The bartender looked like that actress from Ghost. No not Whoopie the other one,” Demi Moore”. Thank you.

We lined up like boys at the troff and ordered cocktails all around.  Then it happened!  They came in from the sides.  Quietly, scuffling through carrying equipment and confidence.   The R and B band that spent the next few hours blowing our minds as we blow out our wallets.  They were so incredible I thought I was at a Stevie Wonder/Michael Jackson/Motown concert in the heart of New York City! 

It really was off the roof!  As we partied on I noticed a cute little couple behind me.  Different from the rest of the couples around me.  A sophisticated looking woman and her daughter.  Both stunning and enjoying the music just as much as we were.  I had to ask “Sorry to bug but are you Agnetha  from Abba?” Clearly I enjoyed one two many cocktails at this point.  However this lovely lady and daughter were very gracious and just smiled with a smile that almost suggested she could have been. Were we in the company of Pop royalty? We decided to join them and got a round of Abbatails. 

We laughed, we danced, we flirted with the bar tenders  and had the time of our lives.  Between my Mama and  Joe Mamas the night was just perfect after all!  And hey a little Abba sighting doesnt hurt either?   


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  • I do love a movie and grilled cheese 😉 But you make the city sound so enticing, I might have to slip out of the countryside one night soon. A show at the Canon and strolling the area before is our favourite. Thanks for the tips Bruce, keep on bloggin! 🙂

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