My Thankful List!

Posted by Bruce on October 07, 2012
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Well here we are celebrating another Canadian style Thanksgiving.  Visiting family, stuffing that bird in the oven and over indulging on homemade dressing. I love this holiday.  It has all the fabulousness of a holiday without the exhausting shopping and long working retail hours.  It’s the last official holiday that doesn’t kick the crap out of you.

I was thrilled when I received a text from Marcie. I have been friends with her longer than anyone I have ever known and through everything we have been through over all these years we have and will always be the best of friends.  She was actually one of my first girl crushes but like a man broke off with her for some silly reason like “I don’t like the way you chew gum” Hey I was like 10 or 12 or something. Thank God we did anyway, I am not sure how that would have fit considering my life as I know it today.  Ah what the hell I’m sure somewhere I still have that little boy crush on her. I called her my “Fag Hag” only once and if looks could kill.

I never described her and I should. She’s blonde, built, funny and sassy and reminds me allot of a young Pamela Anderson…. Before the the adult video fiasco or dancing with the stars! Pam did get my vote this season on the first night but got booted off. I think she might have been stoned, I don’t know! Needless to say, Marcie doesn’t fit the title “Fag Hag” very well. She’s more like um… a Fairy Princess!!! Ya that sounds good!

Anyway, she invited Alice, John and myself for a big old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner at her and her partner Chris’s place! I was thrilled.  My plans got all messed and I had to cancel them at the last minute. John and I were making plans to start a cabbage soup diet!!! Thank the maker Marcie sent me that text.  The diet works but you fart like a S.O.B!

In other unrelated news John was back on the bench after a two year sabbatical. He is now the Director of Music for St. Mathew’s Cathedral, Toronto and today was his first official day.  Of course I had my vocal chords warmed up to usher in the day.  I sang with a super fantastic vocalist Denise Williams and Sheila McCoy.  We performed an anthem called “Sing To the Lord of Harvest” by Patrick M. Liebergen.  When I suggested we were “The Supremes”, Denise jumped for the Diana position! I let her have that one, this week! Needless to say, it went over very well and I am so looking forward to more work with Denise in the near future.  I did mention I sing right? :o) I know shameless plug! I have a few!

My Thankful List!

10. Puppy Diapers (because Agnetha “My Puppy” would have ruined my very new Persian rug)

9. Closets (because Agnetha “My Puppy” would have eaten my fabulous leather shoes)

8. Closets (because it reminds me of where I never want to be again)

7. My Hair (because I would be very freaking weird looking without it)

6. Milk (because milk rocks)

5. My readers (because this would be pointless)

4. Soap (because water alone can’t get rid of the smell)

3. Farting (because seriously we underestimate the importance of it)

2. Cherry’s (because gout is no joke)

1. Everyone (because good or bad I have learned something from you)

I love you guys! Thanks for reading my blog! Happy Turkey Day!



This Tuesday!!!! New Book!!!! And My book review of Rebecca! O.M.G Loving it!

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