My Very Sordid City

Posted by Bruce on June 04, 2017
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Sometimes I just feel like I have to pinch myself.  My life is nowhere near a perfect one, and certainly some would call it sordid but I would have to describe it as lucky and brilliant!  You know, just when I’m about to disappear into this big old city and say good bye to my very public blog forever, I fall upon another situation that I just have to share with my Brucesters.  I ended up at a red carpet event this past week with my partner and that buddy of his once again.  Are we becoming the three muskaqueers!? We thought we’d stay on that fun celebrity trend from the week before when we all flew out of Hell together.  You’ll have to scroll back if you don’t get the reference.  We landed at the Bell Light Box at “A Very Sordid Wedding” which is the latest film in the chapters of this gay cult classic.  This series began as a stage show which, became a movie which, turned into a TV series which, turned into the latest film by Del Shores of another massive gay cultural hit, “Queer As Folk”.  Del Shores was a writer for the show in season three.  Well we got to meet him which was fabulous.  If good gay independent movies are your thing you need to get your hands on this flick.  Sadly, not available until October, we got to see the only viewing in Canada.  The movie stars are plenty on this really incredible film.  In the new world we find ourselves living in, it is really great that there are people sympathetic to the continued plight that continues to affect the LGBT community.  Some great names to look up are Leslie Jordan, Ann Walker, Bonnie Bedelia, Dale Dickey, Emerson Collins (also a producer on the movie) Whoopie Goldberg and Canadian sweetheart Caroline Rhea!  I was beside myself as we posed together for a selfie!  All of these wonderfully talented people have diverse bodies of work and are worth looking up.  You know as much as I loved the movie it is really hard for me to understand why in 2017 we still have to have movies that address these types of prejudices against the gay community.  I just could never understand why people feel it’s any of their business who people love.  I guess hatred will always be in the world but maybe step by step through fun and provocative movies such as this, people will continue to learn that we all deserve love and we all share the same responsibility to grow from love.  On a side note I also grabbed a selfie with Camryn Manheim of “The Practice” and Romy and Michelle fame among other great works.  What a thrill and such a gracious women.  What a blast!  The movie was laugh out loud funny and just absolutely flawless.


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

A note from the editor: You meet celebrities, I coach little league.  Not really comparable.  LOL.  Have a great day!

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