No City Stroll Today

Posted by Admin1 on June 03, 2012

My Blog for “When in Doubt Cut it Off” Will be postponed until next Sunday due to the recent events in Toronto!

I did have a blog planned today that I’m most certain you would have enjoyed but with the last 24 hours of nightmare here in my most loved city, I couldn’t bring myself to ignore the real reality of what life in this great city has been this week.  Of course I am in shock along with everyone else, as I watch CP24 descend around the Eaton Center with the news of a shooting that has killed one and left many in critical condition.

I spend many moments throughout my weeks stopping into this great landmark and have recently visited Blue Notes and the food court to do a little shopping. I can’t get my head around the fact that someone could be so brazen as to take out his “hit back” in broad daylight and in a crowded tourist place.

It pisses me of beyond words and my heart is full, thinking of those who were shot and for anyone who had to be involved, whether running for their life or hiding out in the closets of any number of stores. You know, even violent pursuits from yesteryear seemed to at least still have rules.  Like not in a crowded area, no civilians targeted and when you catch the enemy there is still a human protocol that we as the human race are to follow. It doesn’t seem anyone be it gang member, government etc bothers with these respectful rules even when committing horrendous violent behaviours.

I’m shocked and wonder how long we have to live in fear of violence! As Kathrine Jackson said of our future recently on CNN “We’re Doomed!” I certainly hope we are not!

Anyway. My heart goes out to all who have been tormented and wounded in this cowardice evil shooting. I pray for a quick recovery for the innocent caught in the middle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my city!

Man am I Heart Broken!


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