Not a Super Nova!

Posted by Bruce on July 15, 2012
Customer Service Watchdog

On the hit list this week is none other than one of our favourite delivery services in the city “Pizza Nova” The pizza is fab for the most part and I have to say we have been ordering from this company since we decided to forgo the cardboard pizza of another well known chain.

Sometimes you just gotta order in. After “Pride” after the “Master Card” fiasco, I wasn’t feeling like going anywhere. Myself and my┬ápals decided at 9:45 pm, I know I know what about the diet plan. Well, thank you for reminding me but I have lost ten pounds, officially. Please hold your applause until I get to fifteen.

As 11:00 pm approached it became clear that this pizza was probably taking a Double Decker Toronto bus tour. We were hungry and we were feeling a little over cooked. I decided to give “Pizza Nova’s” customer service a call to see what the hold up was. After a number of minutes and our movie on hold I finally reached a “Human Bean” “Let me just give the store a call and see where it might be.” She/He said. I don’t really want to gentrify this situation because this is not a gender issue.

When she came back on the line she said that the pizza should be here in a few minutes. I asked at that point if they might be offering a discount or something for our almost one hour wait. Counting the next few minutes in waiting to make it an official hour. The answer was scripted and cold. “There is no guarantee.” You know what? I get it but does this mean we are now expected to wait over an hour for a pizza that I could have really walked five minutes around the corner to pick up. Not a bad idea considering I should not be eating pizza that late at night anyway.

Well the pizza finally arrived. Just as I thought over the hour mark. I know the delivery guy pretty well so I said what happened. He didn’t really have a good answer for me. A few grunts and farts and then held his hand out for the undeserved tip. Well, I in trust decided it wasn’t his fault so he was tipped for starting his car and pressing his tired foot to the gas peddle.

He did mention that I call the office the next time I order and let them know what happened with my tardy Za! About a week later I was way to beat to bother making dinner so once again I decided to give them other shot and I ordered the exact same meal. I told the girl about my pizza dilemma and was it normal to get the brush off like the one I got when I called in my concern on the night of the missing pizza. She did seem pretty sorry about it all and transferred me to the complaints department. Unfortunately, I got disconnected from the call.

After three more attempts and explaining my story to three more pizza people, I finally got transferred to a manager as per my request. I felt hopeful and thought certain a manager would hear me and deliver. Well I’m sorry to say he did not! After listening to my story and appeasing me with many hymns and haws, he said “Well what would it take to make up for what you have gone through?” Sounds nice on paper but it lacked that true conviction when he added. “The staff is encouraged to discourage discounts and on the very rare occasion we give a $10 dollar credit for the next order.” He also shared some other business┬ábehind the scenes that was not my business and it made for a very uncomfortable silence.

When I said I didn’t feel comfortable with naming the price for my time and the inconvenience he quickly said “Then ten bucks it is.” I thought wow is that the going price for the worst customer service reconciliation ever. Well apparently it was.

Let me just say, I won’t be calling any time soon to collect that $10 payoff!

Pizza Nova I got a message for you!!!

A company doesn’t live on cheese alone! Time to rethink your delivery times. If you can’t get it there within a reasonable amount of time maybe it’s time to get out of the delivery business!!!! And hey keep your ten bucks. I’d rather eat the competition’s cardboard fax simile!

Pizza Nova

1 kiss out of 5 (one kiss for the taste. The wait is not worth it however)


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