Not Your Moms Meatloaf!

Posted by Bruce on May 28, 2017
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It’s great to be back this Sunday. I took last weekend off because one of my amazing aunts passed away and I was with family celebrating her amazing life. She was such a fun person and I always enjoyed making her laugh. Thanks for joining me this week as I get back into the swing of things.
The one thing I love about Toronto is it’s outstanding free events and I try to keep my ear low to the ground in finding out what’s happening. There is an excellent local paper that tells you everything that’s going on in the city, including every genre of music and fetish one can get roped up in.
Me, my partner and his buddy decided to check out a free show at the Ed Mirvish Theatre. Well, it was out in the street and it was scandalous! It was a live performance by the cast of the new musical Bat Out of Hell.
The roaring of bikes came rolling down Yonge St as tough guys and gals on Harley’s set the mood. Rock and Roll and all our souls were affixed on the stage as the classic rock anthems of Meatloaf began calling us like a Bat out of Hell!
It was awesome. The young guy who rocked out those vocals was incredible and then the great artist himself ascented the stage! He’s not your mother’s Meatloaf that’s for sure! They just don’t make rockers like that anymore. It was awesome getting to hear Meatloaf singing one of his hits with the stage actor. A true icon was right there killing it.
I couldn’t help but notice the sea of beards in the audience and I oddly felt right at home among the rockers and bikers. Maybe a biker dude at heart. Nah, I just like the beards.
Tickets are on sale now through Mirvish online or at the theatre. The musical “Bat out of Hell” rocks Toronto this October. This beard will be there.


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