O Canada! O’Grady’s! Oh Oscar!!

Posted by Bruce on February 25, 2013
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And the Oscar goes to….

I have to admit. I was a little proud last night. Sitting with my friends watching Ben Affleck thank Canada for it’s participation in the Best Picture nod for Argo.  I sent him a tweet this morning and will of course be picking up Argo on Blue Ray today.

Of course Canada and even more fabulous Toronto were top of mind last night as Mychael Danna picked up the Oscar for original score for Life of Pi music by  Mychael Danna (also a local boy from right here in Toronto) Congratulations!

If you have been following me here on Bruce in the City, you would know I decided for the first time in several years to attend an Oscar party.  The last one I attended was about four years ago.  I really felt like getting out so I packed up my lover, friends and colleagues and decided to make O’Grady’s on Church our Oscar party home.

I have been to O’Grady’s many times but mostly in the summer during patio season.  It’s always packed full of hot food and hot people.  Last night marked my formal audition for my new “Fag Hag” or “Fairy Princess”  It’s been a few years since firing the last one because she turned out to be a nasty cow.

With her fabulous red lips carefully applied we make our way to O’Grady’s.  The place looked great. Film strip in the windows. Stars hanging from the ceilings. Well not actual stars. There was no Pee Wee Herman or Nicole Kidman hanging from the rafters!

There was a special little menu and the Caesar Cocktails were $3.50. Can you imagine? I had finally worked my magic and got my str8 Italian buddy to join us. He was virgin on several counts. His first time on Church street. His first time at an Oscar party. In fact I’m not sure he had ever seen the Oscar’s before this moment.  Plus his first gay bar/restaurant.  It was priceless watching his reaction when all the Queens in the place freaked out when Barbara appeared on the stage to sing The Way We Were! I myself don’t get the whole fascination most gay men have with her but we all have our vices.  We all played the pool and answered all the questions on who we thought would win! Non of us won!

There was a Lincoln  serving up drinks, a golden Oscar man glittering around clearing dishes and a Glee Santana look alike passing around Oscar Bingo cards! It was fun! Our server Mathew was stellar and overall considering the Oscars are as long as Les Miserables, we had a great time.

So who did I think killed it! Well of course Anne Hathaway, stunning dress. I was a little taken back by the nipple pleats, however! George Clooney looked great, wow was he grey! Loved Adele and Cathrine Zeta-Jones performances! Of course Barbara, Hello! What did you think of Shirley Bassey??? Crazy good for 100 years old eh?  Seth McFarlane’s opening performance was for me one of the best openings to any Oscar show! You just can’t go wrong with William Shatner in your back pocket (also Canadian!) and also 100 years old!!!

So there we have it.  One great party! One great show! On a low note, I think generally the fashions sucked this year. Jennifer Aniston looked dowdy, the hair and the dress were fighting each other “I’m dressy, I’m casual, I’m confused!” And Jane Fonda, God love her, looked like a banana! But the good news! I have found my new “Hag” and she is fabulous! OK OK “Fairy Princess!”

Have a great week!

Tomorrow my book review and my new book club pick! Stay tuned!


4 kisses out of 5




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