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Posted by Bruce on April 24, 2016
Check it Out!, Shops, Try It!

I haven’t talked about clothes in a while.  I think after my days at Holt Renfrew I had had enough of hearing about anything fashion. Although fashion is still important to me, as far as my own fashion choices I mean.  I think I have always kept up with the styles and most people say I look younger than I am and my look is always pretty current.

A compliment like that goes a long way as you cruise into your mid forties.  At least it does for me.  I guess I would be lying if I said I am a label addict.  I actually don’t usually care what label is attached to my item of clothing.  When you are in that world it seems so normal to want labels, but for the rest of the people it matters very little I think.

I think it just needs to be you, look fabulous, and wear well.  I like those skinny pants but for me they’re just too damn uncomfortable.  I mean where does one put their nads?

They’re very sexy looking for sure.  I Iove a good scarf too.  If I were to say where to get the looks I love it would have to be Urban Outfitters.  I was angry and refused to go in for a long time because they took over my favorite HMV store where a good buddy of mine worked but I have since gotten over that.  CD’s are not completely gone the way of the Dino, but harder to find and buy that’s for sure.

Urban Outfitters, I think is one of the coolest shops going.  The music is always great when shopping and they sell records which one just has to respect.  Long live the LP!!  I was browsing the other day and the spring line is looking good.  A little something for every guy.  Of course there is a huge women’s section but I’m not here to write about that today, but check it out!  I love the clearance section.  It’s like  buffet for the body instead of the mouth.

I think their prices are pretty good anyway, but when it drops down in price it’s even better.  There was this really cute sweater there the other day. I should have bought it but I was in a hurry.  The one thing I don’t like at all is that they don’t staff enough people so often they expect you to march your ass all the way back upstairs to pay for your items.  Wasn’t it enough I had to walk down them?  I guess one can always use a bit more exercise for those skinny man pants?

I decided to get my self a new wallet.  So cute, so plaid.  I love plaid!  Check them out when at Yonge and Eglinton they have some good stuff! Enjoy!

Urban Outfitters


4 kisses out of 5 (They would have got 5 kisses but, again, the stairs)


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