Posted by Bruce on March 01, 2015
Check it Out!

As John and  I got ready for our big evening out we couldn’t help but notice the time stamped on our ticket, 2 p.m. What the freak?  We had just called for a cab and it was the first time we realized we missed the show by 3 hours.
It was a nightmare.  We failed to recall that our tickets for Once was for the matinee showing and so as we got ourselves ready for our cab’s arrival we were aghast.  Oh my God.  I went into that high pitch squeal I’ve become to famous for.
I had screwed up royally.  It was my fault as I am the one that approved the purchase of the tickets.  They were a surprise Birthday present for John and now the night was on possible titanic disaster.
I said to John lets just get into the cab and get to Mirvish  Theatre on Yonge and see if this night could be saved.
When we arrived I decided the best way to make the point was to call it what it was.  My greeting to the guy in the ticket booth went like this.
“Hi, let me start with I’m an idiot.”  I figured that would soften them up to possibly aid us in anything!!!
I went on to  explain I had screwed up the showtimes and therefore missing the 2 p.m. showing.  He smiled and said let me see what I can do.  I stood there looking at John and though he was smiling I knew if we did not get in somehow I would always be known as the Grinch Who Stole Birthday!
The last time we went out for a concert or play was our anniversary and we all know how that turned out.  Broken hearted nightmare.  Better known as the Sarah Brightman incident.
The attendant came back to the window. We have two seats on “O” but we will have to charge you a $10 fee for each ticket.  Well this was better than nothing.  Although the seats were not quite as good, the nice guy saved the day.
Of course we took the tickets and fled to the nearest Red Lobster.  Yum! T he show was at 8 p.m. so we had some time for dinner.  We are so thankful to the staff who helped us out at Mirvish.
Spoiler Alert!!!! Don’t read on if you want to go see the musical because I’m going to tell you everything.
Okay, so now that we had our seats and getting set for the show we were surprised that the music had already begun.  The stage was set and performers were fiddling, stomping and singing away to some traditional Irish tunes.  It was cool but I wish we knew because we would have come a bit earlier to hear them perform longer.
The show begins with a fanciful fiddle frolic “The North Strand” as a voice is heard singing, “Alive, Alive oh ohhhh!”  A real Celtic welcome sets the stage that commands an immediate applause from us, the audience.  Then our star enters the space and begins his vocal story preparing us for what’s to come.  The audience is quiet and we already get a feeling of melancholy and foreboding heart break.
Can you imagine starting a musical in this way?  Very risky because it can go one of two ways.  Very well or very wrong. I’m pleased to say it went very right.
Oh my God then that duet “Falling Slowly”.  Ian Lake “Guy”and Trish Lindstrom “Girl” are endearing together.  Her comedic timing is wonderful and effortless.  In my opinion held the entire ensemble together, though their performances were song also.
I think “Falling Slowly” was my favourite song from the show.  There were many outstanding moments and standout performances.  Stephan Guy-McGrath “Billy” (I hate that name) but he was so funny. He was just over the top enough to keep us from jumping as the musical reached it’s heart breaking crescendo.  I really enjoyed his performance.RoyalAlex1
It was a crazy memorable night.  I’m so glad it was shared with my dearest.  Love isn’t easy and it’s raw and real. The musical I think really captured the reality of love and heart break.  Almost to the point that I didn’t like how it ended because we all want that fairy-tale ending.  The question is what does that look like to you?  Sometimes that fairy tale ending turns out to be heart ache for someone else.
God, love hurts but it’s still beautiful and full of hope.
4 kisses out of 5


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