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Posted by Bruce on July 22, 2012

Hi All!!! Oh the bliss of writing week after week and getting the chance to share my thoughts and feelings for all you lovely readers. Seriously, I wish I could see you all tuning in each week. Some just getting up in the morning with coffee in hand. Some of you rushing out the door to work. Some of you hammered after a long night out and checking your emails. Some I’m sure I would rather not know what you are doing but none the less we get together rain or shine, clear or smog for you to get lost in my little land of self indulgence! How spectacular!

Now with summer truly in our faces, I can’t help but think that not too long ago we were all yearning for the sunlight to once again return to our fare cities and towns. Now we are hiding under anything to escape the burning devil rays of one of the hottest and driest summers on record.

I wouldn’t be right if I didn’t take a moment to send my thoughts out to the families affected by the events of the past week or so here in Toronto and also to my American readers who are going through some terrible pain due to the shooting in Denver.

It seems unlikely that with all the bad news around that one could find anything sweet to write about but I’m blessed because I do have a cool little story to share. I met two cousins of mine from L.A (Los Angeles) this past week that I had never met before. I met there mother, Vivian when I was around 13-14 years, she was and reamins an amazing very fabulous women. I am certain I had a little str8 crush on her. Well 24 years later I finally got the chance to meet her boys.

It was amazing you know because I think a part of ourselves is missing when we don’t get to meet extended family.  My family in Belleville for example has grown so much and many have no idea they have such an amazing cousin out here named “Bruce” Well they know of me but we have never met.

Anyway, my new family and I stopped into a really cool Chinese buffet just east of Don Mills.  It’s called the Happy Panda. I was thrilled at the price. Just to be clear I am not a counter of pennies when choosing a nice place to eat but sometimes it’s nice to find a good deal. The lunch buffet was under ten bucks. I know! Amazing!

As we prepared to take our seats. I was like “Wow what the heck, these chairs are like 10 pounds!” They were, they were heavy solid wood chairs. The decor is really well done. Lot’s of Chinese umbrellas floating from the ceiling and bamboo all around.

The staff were wonderful and very pleasant. It made it very easy to really dig into the fabulous choices to nibble. They could do a bit more in the way of dessert but overall it was a really great experience. As Robert, Bruce Jr. and I chatted about L.A and what they thought of Canada. I couldn’t help but think, maybe Los Angeles should be on my list of great places to see before I hit 50!

The visit of course went way to quickly and as we said our goodbye’s both Bruce and Robert almost in stereo invited me to please come for a visit. I said I could see that as a real possibility!

Well, there you have it. Somehow I managed to find another very cool place to fill the tummy.  Robert will be heading back to L.A Monday morning, 6 am. It was amazing meeting him. Bruce Jr. will be staying for a couple of more weeks. I was thrilled to learn he to is a writer to. I look forward to reading his stories as he writes them. I plan to get together with him at least one more time before he heads back to the land of Beaches and Sunshine.

Hey maybe I’ll be California Dreamin next winter! Time will tell.

Happy Panda Buffet

2692 Eglinton Avenue E
Scarborough, ON M1K 2S3
Neighbourhood: Scarborough
(416) 266-1688

4.5 kisses out of 5

Mamas & the Papas

California Dreamin

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