Part 3 The Dessert!”The Boys,The Balls, The Birthday Bash!”

Posted by Bruce on February 19, 2012
Clubs and Bars

One thing that must be told, not unlike straight men gay men are creatures of habit to.  With that in mind we in our toxic states made our way up the steep stairs to “The Pegasus” a bar not unlike that bar in “Cheers” and they really do remember your name. It’s a great place to party. We have enjoy many a fabulous night at this club and billiard spot.  In fact it was the location of my 40th last year! How could I forget. It ended up being one of my most dangerous blogs yet! With one guest being rush to the hospital! Outrages!

We were joined by a few more pals and we got the pitchers flowing and John’s Birthday bash, a bashing! I have never been very good at Billiards but have had it around me my whole life.  You see I am the nephew of one of sports most popular Pool Stars!  During his hey day my Uncle “Superstroke Bruce Christopher” played the likes of Minnesota Fats.  I remember when I was around 10 years old my uncle was doing a tournament with Minnesota at the Royal York Hotel here in Toronto. It was amazing to get to meet him and with all the lights and cameras I was star struck. I was a bit star struck by my Uncle to, I think.  My Uncle continues to do motivational speaking and has written a great book called “My Winning Secrets.  He remains in the Guinness Book of World Records.  You know I could get in there for all my super strokes!

The six of us gathered around the table, we picked our pool cues and chalked up.  The bar was packed and there were boys and balls everywhere. Every billiard table was in use and I was surprised to see just how hot the game still was. Has it ever really gone out of style?  By the looks of it, no! I got the game going, bang!! I do love the crack of balls against each other and considering I’m not much of a sport guy it is a great way to wack off some tension.  It, by the looks of it seems to also be a great guy magnet.  As I moved around the table acting like I might not know what I’m doing. I couldn’t help but notice I was being watched.  I kinda felt like “Tom Cruise” from the “Hustler”.

With every ball I didn’t sink and with every quirky little chuckle of embarrassment that came out of my mouth, I seem to attract more on lookers. They were not laughing but admiring me. How strange!  Was it the loser in me that got their engines running or was it that I didn’t seem to give a care. Everyone else playing looked so serious.  John was quickly becoming the “Hustler” at the table. A pool hustler is someone that acts like they don’t know what their doing but ends up walking away with the game and John was at the top of his game and I seem to be at the top of mine.

Alas, non of us were single at that table so habits did die hard.  Call it lady luck but John kicked all our asses at pool. Maybe it was his birthday that brought out the “Billiard Shark” in him!  Playing brought back so many childhood memories for me.  The snow started coming down ever so lightly outside and the clock was edging 1am.  I think John’s birthday was a great success and as I looked around at all our pals laughing and congratulating John on his great pool playing I couldn’t help but think “Now that’s the way to ring in 41” And as the story started “Ouuuuccccchhhhh” the hangover was large and the memories faint but John woke up a champion just the same!


5 kisses out of 5!!!

Bruce “Superstroke Christopher

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