Part One-The Appetizer “A Touch of Class”

Posted by Bruce on February 05, 2012

This story will be presented in three parts! The Appetizer. The Main Course.  The Dessert. Over the next 3 weeks! Enjoy!

Part One-The Appetizer “A Touch of Class”

Just as E.T so poetically muttered “OOOOOuuuuuccccchhhh” describes the body aching, head splitting morning, John and I woke up to after John’s trip into his 41st birthday bash, last night.  So grand it desrves to be written in 3 parts.  Let me start with what I like to call the appetizer or the first bottle of wine!!!! We headed to on old stomping ground Cafe California, where we were surprised to learn they were taking part in the annual “Winterliscious” festival. Every year restaurants in the Toronto area put together special menu’s at wonderful prices and courses to give people a chance to try something new. We were greeted by “Leticia” the restaurant owner with a warm felt hug. You may remember her from mention in a blog of mine last March. I sang there with my group “The Ensemble” a night of show tunes and standards. We have yet to get back their for another show but we couldn’t think of a better place to get our night started off perfectly and with a touch of class!

The place was decorated in Valentine flare! Actually done with a real sense of taste and precision. They always do an outstanding job of decorating for all the holidays. Richard one of their head servers usually takes the lead in designing the visuals but this time someone else took on the task.  I just thought he was worth mentioning. On one very special visit there. I had planned to give John a ring! I showed up a few hours before and Richard looked after all the details. At desert the ring was presented on a napkin in the shape of a lotus flower with Joni Mitchell playing in the background.  The next morning we were off to New York.  If you’re lucky to get Richard as your server and host you are off to one of the loveliest evenings to be had, as a patron at Cafe California.

Our meal on the “Winterliscious” menu looked like this “Red Diamond” a Sav/Cab from Washington State. With a gentle start,sophisticated yet fun middle and a little bite on the finish, it was a lovely red. Suggested by our server “Clinton” “Nice, Thanks” Then it was on to appetizers. We chose the home made minestrone soup and warm beet salad, perfect! The beet salad was really delicious! For our main course we had the Grilled Pork Rib Chop and my choice was the Tilapia Fillet. Both dishes were presented in style and tasted as good as they looked. Mouth watering and actually the wine though red went very well with my fish dish because it was light enough to not over power my meal selection. The desert, Cream Caramel and a 5 Fruit Crumble with a side of butterscotch ripple liqueur which we added just for fun.

Over all the entire experience was a perfect 10. Though I am not surprised. The chief “Sentura” has been creating meals there for over 10 years and seems to have it to a fine art.  We enjoyed our first bottle of wine of the evening and a stunning dinner. If only we were wize enough to pay the piper and head home. But alas the night had just begun and it was off to “O Grady’s” to meet up with the boys, to really get the party started and did it ever….

Cafe California 5 kisses out of 5

Stay Tuned!

Part Two-The Main Course “A Touch of….What is going on in there?”

Part Three-The Dessert “The Boys! The Balls! The Birthday Bash!”

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