Part Two-The Main Course ”A Touch of….What is going on in there?”

Posted by Bruce on February 12, 2012

Of course John had no idea that the gang was waiting for us at the next stop on the block. A little birthday surprise party awaits us at O’Grady’s. John and I made are way down the street and enjoyed and mild winter eve and the red wine from Washington State was just warming the tummy perfectly.

We entered O’Grady’s on Church and scanned the pub! Hmmm, where was everyone? I was singular in thought as John had no idea I was looking for friends. Ah crap were we early? I had never been so happy to see the back of someones head, then this moment. Ok so that may not be accurate but I was relieved to see, Billy and Kaarlo. “What’s up boys?” They in time both murmured, “Surprise!” John was definitely shocked. First because well let’s just say John and kaarlo don’t always see eye to eye but this went over well and John was noticeably pleased. This was really the first time to that John was going to get to spent time with Kaarlo’s partner. I had the chance to hang out a few times over a couple of games of “Gay Bingo” at Play!

The four of us ordered our first round of cocktails. The waiter was lighter on his heals than “Natalie Portman” in the “Black Swan” but attentive non the less so we happily made him one of the team since we new it was going to be a long night!

The atmosphere was winterliscious but the medium size flat screen’s were being waisted on some fighters club show. All a butch with blood and all! I wasn’t impressed and asked for the remote control. Delicate toes didn’t put up much of a fight once he noticed what was on the big screen. Their stations were limited so I chose from there all of 6 stations “Jurassic Park” I knew right then and there this night was going to be large.

Our buddy Julian enters from the left and we all raise a glass!! “Cheers and Happy Birthday John!” By this point John was already slipping under the table. From cocktails of course, behave! As we talked shop,sex,drugs and rock and roll, Billy had to excuse himself to hit the little boys room. You know what they say “You rent the cocktails” And the lease was up! We ordered some pretty tasty apps that arrived in a timely manner.  We nibbled on something called popper’s. Which I thought were saved for a long night of….well you can look it up!

On his return Billy’s face was all a blush. I asked what was on his mind. Apparently there were two too many shoes in the stall beside him. We were aghast! What was he saying. Apparently the buffet was upstairs in the men’s room. I never heard of such a thing, in a restaurant! A club or bar maybe and I use the maybe very lightly but in a restaurant. Was it the toss salad that got them going? Last week a couple were putting on a show on the subway platform and now we are subjected to oral communication while taking a tinkle.

We had a good laugh and waited for the perpetrator of this bazaar act to exit the restaurant. Another round!!!! As we started into our very out of key rendition of “Happy Birthday” Felicio exited the building!

Grouse!!! That was our cue it was time to take this party onward and upward…..

Up the longest flight of stairs to reach The Pegasus!!!!!


3 kisses out of 5

The entertainment was a little off putting!

Part Three-The Dessert “The Boys! The Balls! The Birthday Bash!”

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