Pass me the Flat Iron!

Posted by Bruce on December 25, 2011

I spent the morning with my hand jammed in a raw birds back-end! “Is this Christmas Peter” asked by one of the psychedelic wise-men in the Christmas classic, “A Cosmic Christmas”.  Surprisingly not out on DVD yet, but each year I run to the nearest HMV to see if it has been re-released.  Very proudly I announce I have stuffed my first turkey with my very own stuffing.  It is disgusting and somewhat unnerving to know my fist was up the round of this fine feathered friend just a moment ago.  I feel awkward just long enough to poor myself a glass of rum and eggnog and stuff that fowl bird in the oven.

I was up at five this morning.  We were all up at the same time which was amazingly coincidental.  We made the most of it and decided to head to the tree to see if Santa had arrived.  I wont torture  you with the details that make up my Christmas but as I sat around the tree passing out the gifts, all wrapped in silver and gold, one shop downtown came to mind.  The women that runs the place is very very cool.  It doesn’t matter how many times I pop by for a gift or two she never fails to make it a special event every-time.

It’s just down a short flight of stairs and into a space of about 800 square feet, its located in the village and she seems to collect the most novelty gift items.  Every holiday season I make the trek to Flatiron’s Store on Church Street. I just adore this shop! They have the most magnificent collection of Christmas decorations and novelties this side of The North Pole.

There are other fun trinkets and oddities to also be found here. I picked up a very cool Mozart figure for John for Christmas and he loved it! Over the past few years I’ve picked up my cards, holiday gifts, birthday presents and hostess gifts. Most very funny and extremely campy.  Some even a little naughty!!!!

The best part about this store is location! Location! Location!

After loading up on your farcical gifts just head up to street level and you are surrounded by many fantastic pubs and bars! Shop till you drop and then drink till you drop, perfect!

Listen it’s Christmas day and I need to keep my eye on my bird but if your needing a little gift or two whether Christmas, Birthdays or maybe Pride party! Give this little shop a look up, you wont be disappointed.

Well, that just about wraps up this weeks blog! Short and sweet, so like Christmas Day! I wish you all the very best Christmas day ever! Thank you for continuing to read my charming little blog!  I do have to get back to my bird. I think it needs a rub of some warm butter.  Yes that will get the juices flowing!

Now, where did I put that baster? “JOHN… bring me back that blasted baster?”


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!!

5 kisses out of five!

FlatIrons Gift Store

469 Church Street (below Woody’s)


FlatIron’s is Toronto’s oldest gay gift store and is famous for its collection of cards, gifts and novelties. Our friendly staff is always happy to serve you!

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