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Posted by Bruce on April 28, 2019
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Thanks for stopping by. I’m always humbled when I see dozens of people weekly signing up for my blog. Through thick and thin I try to write up a little something that will get you through your work day. I have a great deal of fun meeting the people around my city.

Greektown is, as you know, one of my favourite spots to stroll around. No matter how many times I’ve walk the Danforth area, I always find something new to write about.

This week I strolled into a cafe near the corner of Broadview and Danforth called Si Espresso Cafe. It’s not a very big place but what it is lacking in size, is abundant in quality.

That old saying. Big isn’t always better. I think that’s true for most things really. I think there’s nothing worst then shopping at those huge retail or grocery stores.

The same goes for the big corporate coffee houses. In saying that. When there is no cafe to be found these conglomerates do come in handy.

I love the owners mission statement. “I’m going to tell you something that you will never believe, but I love what I do!
The reason for this is simple…it’s the customers I have the pleasure of dealing with on a daily basis, I simply provide the space and coffee and they do all the rest!”

Sweet! Right! I mean it’s so personal and fabulous and he was really like that. The ladies at the coffee bar were like little groupies. I wasn’t sure if they were there for their espresso or the nice looking fellow grinding those beans. Like a good cigar it’s all in the quality of the harvest.

I ordered my panini with a double espresso and listened quietly to the ladies chat it up with Mr Handsome. A well groomed gentleman with a badass inked arm.

I just loved the environment and the one thing that struck me was the live music happening when I walked through the door. Just perfect!

Bruce in the City

Happy Burthday to my editor Mary Ellen!

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