Pass the Sushi Sister!

Posted by Bruce on July 13, 2014

10520137_256628331195727_1741439769_nNo matter how life has kicked you in the ass, you must get up, dust yourself off and go to your most favourite hideaway and gorge on your favourite and most sinful of foods. Pizza use to be my go to food when I wanted to binge and wipe away all the bullshit that is “life in the big city”, but I have found me a new and improved debauchery.
I sneak off to my little spot on the planet at least a few times a month. It’s so secret I don’t even tell me partner I’m going. It’s my me time! I take no one and I make no apologies for it.  It’s my very own “Taco Time.  I usually go in my most casual of attire.  I wear my blue sunglasses, made famous by my over Instagramming during World Pride. Actually I’m sure no one gave a shit but I digress.
It’s always the same girl there. Every day like an old friend who can’t speak English very well. But cute as a button however, and as attentive as can be. She knows me, or at least she knows my face. She smiles and takes me to my regular booth. I look over the digital menu and my mouth just waters knowing I’m about to put  things in it that can make your toes curl.
Now, I have been taking it easy lately and have been eating much healthier than the past year. I’m lucky to have found a place that can feed my hunger and keep me healthy. Do you ever go to a place that you know just what you want. You barely change it up because what you want it so perfect that you just don’t need to try anything else. I have that here. Shameful decadence that’s cheep and cheerful.
It’s all you can eat!!! It’s Sushi and it’s only $14.95 at lunch time. That is a crazy good deal and the food doesn’t suck! It’s actually really great quality food and the manager’s pretty cute to. Food with a view! I’m in. I hate to tell you about it because I will no longer be able to hide away in the corner booth stuffing my gullet with the tastes of Sushi Pizza with salmon but I just love you guys so much I had to tell you about it. You really have to try it out!
I will be forced to book my seat under my alias “Ginger Court” as to not be exposed by the paparazzi! Those monsters are always chasing me around. Where is my wig?

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Itamae Sushi

9-747 Don Mills Road, Toronto, ON M3C 3S4
(416) 422-1860

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