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Posted by Bruce on July 30, 2017
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Every summer for the last many years I take a little trip out to Peterborough to see the folks. They’ve retired so it’s a life of leisure for these two lovebirds. Not that they haven’t taken on little jobs along the way. Both my parents have enjoyed being crossing guards since retirement. My mom just retired from that this year. They’re troupers.
I do enjoy Peterborough. I’d go crazy if I lived there but it’s quite enjoyable if you know you can leave. While I was there recently, (yes I took my buddy Agnetha with me), we decided to take my folks to the local Pet Smart.  Agnetha’s eyes were dry and I wanted to get her some tears. The general customer service in this quaint bong of civilization is poor but you try to ignore it the best you can. The local food is always great. I guess with nothing much to do, people eat. People are quite large in Peterborough.
We hit Pet Smart late afternoon on the last day of my visit. As soon as we walked through the sliding doors a sales staff had their snake pulled out showing it off to everyone. My mom, being deathly afraid of snakes, almost passed out. Totally irresponsible to have that lovely and large boa right at the front door. There was no way to avoid it and I really felt that was unfair to shoppers who may be fearful of something like that. And I was pissed to have to see my mom go through that. I asked the person to put their snake away. Maybe keep it closer to the reptile area so people who are not keen on these stunning creatures won’t be forced to face them coming into the shop. Seems pretty reasonable to me. Of course I got the “that guy is weird” look from them but at least they moved their hostage. I’m not a fan of these kinds of creatures being in captive for the amusement of human beings. That was the best part of our visit sadly enough. I asked a young woman to show me where the dog tears were because my dog has protruding tear ducks and it causes her eyes to become a little irritated. It’s like $1,000 to get that fixed so we go with the tears instead. At least for now. She took me to an aisle and showed me a few products and I noticed it kept saying tear stains on the package. I said I wasn’t looking to clean tear stains off Agnetha I was looking to put tears in her eyes. She assured me this is what I needed. I purchased the tears and went out to the van to apply the ointment. A few quick drops and my dog started crying and her eyes went red. I knew something was wrong so I read the back of the box closer. Do not put in eyes, will cause irritation. What an idiot!!! I rushed back in with my dog to get something to rinse her eyes. They were so slow moving I couldn’t believe it. I told the girl, “Get me the manager” while my dogs eyes burned away. Idiots! After several minutes he finally arrived moving at a glacier pace. I explained that I needed water or something to rinse my dog’s eyes because the woman had sold me the wrong product, that I wanted tears etc. He actually said I was wrong and that this was the right product. I glared at him and said, “Read this”. I showed him the print that indicated not to put in eyes. “Now get me some water for my dog’s eyes.” He went into the grooming room and began talking to the woman who had messed up royally. They actually started laughing. I went in and said, “What is so funny and where is the water?” They just looked at me like I was speaking Farcy! Finally the woman says, “Well we have these tears you can use but we don’t sell it” so… see she knew enough to know that the tears she had for the dogs they groom would help but failed to know tear stain remover was not the same thing? I flushed my dogs eyes out as they looked on trying to avoid eye contact with me as if I were not even in the room. I have never been so angry. They were literally useless. Literally. The worst Pet “Not So” Smart experience I’ve ever had!

The Worst!

PS: My puppy’s eyes eventually calmed down. She told me she never wants to go to Pet Smart ever, ever again.


Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

A word from the editor: Ahhh poor Agnetha. Sorry she had to go through such an ordeal. Glad she is feeling better.

Mary Ellen!

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