Pipe Dreams

Posted by Bruce on January 13, 2019
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Ever since I was a young laddie I’ve always enjoyed the look and scent of a nice tobacco pipe. My dad used to puff one on occasion and I always really liked the way he looked doing it. Very masculine and Lord like. I was never an over masculine boy so seeing him at the campfire after cutting some wood and puffing on his polished pipe made me feel safe and secure somehow. Now I know all the nay sayers with regards to smoking etc, but personally I’m really tired of the government policing our every health related decision. I do believe in moderation big time because I’m kind of a believer in live your life in moderation and your body will figure the shit out. That’s why we have a draining clarification system. Just don’t over kill on the more toxic enjoyments of life.
I quit smoking officially like 12 years ago. And on occasion over the last 12 years I’ve partaken in socially acceptable smokable herbs.
The tobacco pipe, though I had not thought of it for many years, showed up in a dream one summer night in 2018 and I decided I wanted to give it a try. Again I called on my buddy David to help me find a moderately priced cigar and pipe shop. Now a days when you say pipe, people think you mean pot pipe or crystal pipe and that’s just not my bag man. Well not the crystal anyway. That’s a bad bitch just waiting to gobstop you in yours! I’ve seen too many great guys fall under the spell of that demon and end up with bats up their bums. It’s a crazy world.
We cruised the city and came upon Tobac Cuban Cigar. Right there on the downtown core on Yonge! It was there we got me my first corn cob pipe and some flavoured tobacco! I’ve had a few puffs since that warm summer eve with my buddy Dave but like I said moderation baby! Gotta keep those pipes clean!

Bruce in the City

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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