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Posted by Bruce on February 19, 2020
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What Happens Now

You saw me.I was there.Your smile as warm as the day.Yet time seemed to freeze What happens now

You smiled at me.I was thereLike I’d never seen a smile before.I couldn’t see anything elseWhat happens now

You laughed with me,We were thereExploring something new.No thought of anything pastWhat happens now

The Fall came.I didn’t want to seeThe reality was too much to bare.Holding too desperately to summers’ dream What happens now

You comforted me So afraid was I You were too grand a man, I too self-obsessed to see What happens now

Winter was never more cruelA lonely and desolate placeThe playfulness of summer long past I fell into despair
What happens now

You didn’t smileI tried to mend Your heart grew coldSelfish and cruel was I What happens now

Still am I Gone are weWinter has burned my soulNot winter, but me – my spiteful tongueWhat happens now

You were magicI, the curse that chased your love awayKin forever tattooed on my heartI could never forgive myselfWhat happens now

You saw meNo one ever saw meMy tears burn my skinI’m certain I’ll never be seen againSo, what happens now?

Bruce Christopher

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