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Posted by Bruce on August 07, 2022
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Enjoy my one on one with Barber and Stylist Polo Blendz!!! My official hair Guru!

Bruce: What began your interest in hair?

Polo: I always liked getting a fresh cut. My dad would cut my hair and I always wanted a Barbershop haircut (clean fade and lineup). I’d watch barber tutorials all the time and I thought it was such a fun thing!

Bruce: When was you first experience cutting hair?

Polo: March 2020 was when I gave my younger brother his first actual haircut, but I had lined myself up before (being unhappy with some barber’s work). I also tried cutting my brother’s hair prior to that but my dad ended up finishing it (was terrible regardless 😂)  

Bruce: When did your journey with becoming a barber begin?

Polo: In March 2020, as I was preparing to buy equipment and get the business starting.

Bruce: Where did you study to become such an accomplished barber?

Polo: I started off just watching barber tutorials on YouTube and I studied every barber that I thought was successful. I’ve invested in multiple barber and business courses, academies and programs such as: the Tomb45 Academy, Josh OP Academy, AndyFadePro Academy, ItsMarvyMarv Interactive Social Media Course, Dlucs Elevated Mentorship Program (New Era of Barbering) among others.

Bruce: From what I experienced having had my hair styled and cut by you, you have your very own style on how this is done.  Are you aware of that? Is it intentional?

Polo: I’m not completely aware that I have my very own style but I do focus on details and I intend to perfect every cut with my spice to it. I’m particular on making sure every haircut fits the head shape and silhouette for each client.

Bruce: You have a wonderfully informative Instagram. Do you have any other social media platforms planned?

Polo: I do have a YouTube channel which I’ve recently privatized all my videos because I plan to eventually bring some content there. I also have a  Facebook and Twitter account that I have but don’t use much. I’m fairly active on TikTok but took a break posting and will be back once I have my content at optimal level (since I’m currently re-working it). I also plan to get on Linked In eventually.

Bruce: Where do you see your journey headed over the next five years?

Polo: I see myself retired and moved on to the next business in five years. I see myself to have scaled my business up to $150-$200 per cut, doing 15-30 haircuts per week and locking in on the next business.

Bruce: Do you experience any push back from other barbers because of your age and talent?

Polo: I’m aware that some barbers in the city might not like what I do but I ignore all the hate because it’s very trivial to me. The business will never push forward if I’m just talking down on haters, let alone get affected by them. 

Bruce: You have any advice to other young barbers?

Polo: Yup! Invest in your education, never stop learning and keep your foot on the gas. Work smart and hard. Work SMART though!

Bruce: What’s your ultimate dream?

Polo: To use my talents at the maximum potential to be able to help people. My dream is to travel the world, fill gaps in the barber industry as well as the business world, and be able to help people on the daily while building my net worth. 

Bruce: Thank you so much for spending time with me here on Bruce in the City. I look forward to watching your career and getting the best cut in the city.

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

Hair by Polo Blendz

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