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Posted by Bruce on December 08, 2019
Check it Out!

Hey guys! Thanks for visiting my blog. If your a Bruce in the City newbie…hold on tight. If you are a registered reader…welcome back! This week I’ve decided to let my guest say it all in her own words. Last week as a bit of a switch-up, I did the same with my guest. Just let her have to it. I really enjoyed reading her story, and this week is no different. Please welcome a fabulous little photographer by the name of Trishelle Diamond.

Bruce: It’s so great to check out your photography. Where does this all begin for you?

Trishelle: Do you ever see life like it is through the eye of a lens?

Bruce: Well, like I wear glasses. If you know what I mean. Would you say you’ve found your life passion?

Trishelle: My passion is photography. That is how I look at life as it passes by.

Bruce: Tell me, Trishelle, how did you get started?

Trishelle: I started out just using my cellphone and realized I really love taking pictures.

Bruce: I know, right? Selfies are the new autograph.

Trishelle: Right, so I invested in my first camera.

Bruce: Wow! What a big difference. I bet!

Trishelle: I’ve been taking pics for 6 years already.

Bruce: Well, that’s amazing. You know my blog turns 10 next year?!? I just think time flies, like when you’re surfing the net or eating at a buffet. Maybe you can come to celebrate the goodness of me. Boom Baby! Just a reference to The Emperor’s New Groove. Seriously, my favourite animation. Well, like we’re talking top 5, at least.

So your photography…

Trishelle: Yes, I consider myself an amateur photographer. Even still, I’m always looking for something to capture.

Bruce: Well, you’ve certainly captured me. What’s your circle of support look like?

Trishelle: I have a wonderful husband who supports me with his ideas for pictures.

Bruce: Well, there’s no need to be braggadocious. How does he support you?

Trishelle: We drive across Canada and the US, looking for subjects. I take pictures of landscapes, sunsets, and people. I love trying to capture just about anything for action shots.

Bruce: Like what?

Trishelle: I have done weddings, birthdays, Moms-to-be, newborns, & family portraits. I also do a bit of media work, emergency situations, such as fires or car accidents. Hurricanes and tornados and severe flooding are near the top of my bucket list.

Bruce: Very cool. Your artistic integrity seems very important to you.

Trishelle: My camera is essential to me, and having people enjoy my work is my high, and makes me extremely happy.

Bruce: I almost forgot to ask. What’s your company name?

Trishelle: My company is Pearl Diamond Photography.


That’s great! Speaking of the passing of time… this time with you just flew by1. So there you have it, short and sweet, just like me. Thanks for sharing your passion with us. I really enjoy photography too. Well, mostly taking pictures of myself. We all have our passions!

Writer: Bruce Christopher

Editor & Publicist: Bruce Law

Hair for Bruce Christopher by Nick Folco @ Providence Peterborough.

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