Posted by Bruce on May 15, 2019
Check it Out!

It’s workout Wednesday and it’s been,I think, a couple of weeks since I updated you on my working out. I had a bit of a set back when my brother invited me over when he had the flew and gave it to me but I’m back in the game. I’ve been really focused on quality of workout and also knowing when to take a recover day.

Im actually starting to feel like I’m getting somewhere. Although yesterday I was having a super fat day.

There are a few things I like to do to prep for my workouts and I thought I’d share them with you. The first thing I believe to be incredibly important is getting enough quality sleep. Sleep is so underrated but so important to muscle growth and recovery. We heal and repair when we sleep. Pick a sleep time and stick to it as much as possible.

Can you guess the next important thing you should do to prep for a workout? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Tea, coffee, pop and juice unfortunately don’t count. It’s all about the water. I’ve really gotten into drinking water lately. I’ve finally got myself off pop and milk and I’m h2o all the way.

Grab a snack. … Dont go hungry! Working out takes a lot of fuel and if you are not feeding yourself with enough healthy choices then all your hard work will be in vane. Healthy snacks are also a great way to keep your insulin level.

Its all about comfort people! Maybe a bit of style to if that’s your thing. Make sure you’re wearing the right clothes and footwear for the workout you’re doing. You don’t want to go to yoga in your short shorts. No one wants a ball sack in the kisser when doing the downward dog.

I have to admit my favourite part of my workout is the sauna. However you should learn to love the warm up. It’s really important to wake the body up with some cardio before a workout. It doesn’t have to be a long warm up but it should raise your heart rate and get you sweating! With that in mind it’s so important to stretch it out!

As a good gay man once said “Nothing better than a good protein shake.” A protein shake before and after your workout are soooo important to help support and repair those muscles. I’m always down for a couple of shakes before and after. My favourite nutrition place is Popeyes at Pape and Danforth. The owner is yummy and so are his protein shakes!

My last little tip for you is all about the accessories. Put a glove on it! The benefits of wearing weight lifting gloves is immeasurable. Weight lifting gloves improve your grip on weights. They stop the formation of callasus and blisters. Lifting weights over long periods of time results in calluses and blisters on the hands. And know man wants that. I can hear it now! “Hey man where’d you get those blisters? Spending to much time on your own?” Weight lifting gloves also relieve pressure placed on your hands when lifting heavy weights and supports your wrists. You can actually lift more weight when wearing gloves.

There you have! I hope theese we’re helpful tips. They have helped me so maybe they will help you.

Until Sunday have a great week and keep lifting!

Bruce in the City

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