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Posted by Bruce on June 29, 2014
Check it Out!

I have to tell you. I have been having a blast lately preparing my weekly blog for you. My Twitter account is finally growing and I’m being followed by Jann Arden!! Craziness! Loving the new cd Jann!

As I promised I have been instagramming my face off and Twittering and all that jazz and at the same time having a gay old time! We hit up the rib place I mentioned last week. They’re so good. You can get down to church street today and try them out for yourself. They have two locations this year and no we didn’t feast twice!

10518208_1491021437782083_525863969_nBest Ribs Ever! OMG! Even during Pride it’s still the best meat one can put in their mouth! No condiments required!

This year we decided to bring a really good friend along with us. She had never been to Pride and was sort of hinting that she had never seen a drag show! I thought this was just unacceptable. she had a blast!  We hit up a very cool pub on Church Street. One I am sure I have mentioned in past blogs, Pegasus! It’s my go to place when I want to have a good time incognito! It’s nice to be off the radar sometimes!  We had many cocktails and forgot all about the drag show! We will just have to bring back to Church for a “heeling” another time!

10471979_342125455942187_1939969100_nI even got John in a wig! Who would have thunk it!  We hope you all have an amazing Pride weekend!!

Seriously try those ribs!! We will be heading out of the city as soon as I hit post. We are going camping! Well Bruce in the City style camping. You know running water, plumbing, hot tub  and pool, that kind of thing! There are trees around and a path so ya camping! Thanks to all my readers for following me on this blog of mine! And Jann, I know you don’t sing with anyone but I do think it’s super cool you checked out my blog!

Happy Pride Ya’ll!! Proud & Fabulous!


NEWS: This Tuesday July’s book club selection! & Next Sunday “Welcome to The Body Shop” my personal account with a company and it’s values?

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Stay Tuned!


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