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Posted by Admin1 on November 30, 2014

I love it!  This city has so many pubs.  It’s not really on my bucket list to visit them all but I think I’m doing pretty well.  As I go back through my blogs I am surprised just how many pubs I’ve visited.  There is truly something welcoming when it comes to pubs.  Unlike clubs, you’re able to chat with friends, enjoy great diverse music, and eat and drink without the thump of excessive dance grooves.  I love me some dance music but I love hearing what my pals have to say even more.
I found another nice spot way up north.  Well not that far north but in a city where most of the attention goes to the downtown core, I enjoy going north, south, east and west to find good food and good drink.  My next shout out goes to The Abbott in the Yonge Lawrence Village.
I decided to stop in for lunch and enjoyed some amazing Fish and Chips.  Now I have to be honest, if  you are looking for speedy service this isn’t the pub for you, but once you get your food and drink it’s easy riding from that moment on.  The servers are very nice but they have one speed, beer.
I have been back a few times for lunch and I’m always tummy happy when I’m heading off after my nibbles.  I really like their Potato and Onion soup.  Yum!
You should really stop in for a pint.  They have some notable beers on tap.
Well Brucesters, the Christmas season has arrived and I’m thinking this may be the perfect spot to enjoy a beverage with my team in the near future.  Tonight I’m heading to some friends to help put up their Christmas Tree because sometimes staying in can be the best pub night of them all!
4 kisses out of 5

Editor Mary Ellen Monk

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