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Posted by Bruce on April 07, 2019
Check it Out!
Nothing can beat your time with the fellows. Gay, straight, bi, tri,… guys love hanging out and having their untouchable bromances. There’s pool, clubs, sports night, spa, and cigar night but nothing can beat a good old pub night. The local pubs in the city are always such a great place for the boys, and of course the ladies, to get together, get rowdy, and eat some of the best fare around. I went out this week with a couple of good friends of mine and had a great time. We chose one of our regular watering holes, The Midtown Gastro Hub! One of the hottest hot spots in Midtown Toronto. It’s two floors of great sports and UK decor. A great place to catch your local sports night and special events. The only thing they don’t have is live music and that sucks because they have the room to make it happen.
We did what men do best, eat. I had the Chicken Parmesan. My buddies had the Roast Beef Dip and the Irish Stew. My meal was really good, great flavour, and pub size portion. The roast beef dip silenced chatty Kathe. It’s got to be good to do that and again portion size was king. My Caesars were killer, I’d highly recommend them. I’ve got to say this spot would be the perfect spot to bring my relatives to celebrate some event. Like I don’t know, maybe, Me?!!
Maybe I’ll plan my 2019 Bruce in the City meet and greet event. I love meeting you all and getting to have a chance to share in some cocktails and dreams.
1535 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4T 1Z2
Bruce in the City
Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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