“Puppy Pooh Head”

Posted by Bruce on December 15, 2013
Holiday Stories, Really?

Oh brothers and sisters I’ve got to tell you!! I wish I had my trusty Sony camera on me the other day! Oh I would have taken myself a few pictures for you all that would have burned your Christmas pudding to a dark charcoal black!

I was out shopping around for some Holiday goodies the other day and you would not imagine what I came across on the street.  Two of the cutest little dogs you could imagine! One was a miniature Collie and the other was a Terrier mix. The were tied up on a fire hydrant! Waiting for their ass hole owner to rescue them off their hell mountain of ice and snow.

Their poor bare paws in the snow, freezing and trying so hard to bury them into themselves as they shook like they were moments away from hyperthermia.

I waited for a moment and searched for my camera. Damn I didn’t have it on me. I would have loved to catch the perpetrator red handed!!! I wasn’t the only person petting and trying their best to warm the two puppy’s.  I thought maybe I should call the Police.

I also thought maybe I could find the jerk and pull their socks off and stuff them in the snow for 45 min to see how their feet felt.

I decided to try the store closest to the freezing canines.  I walked in a decided to make myself known. “Anyone in here own those two freezing dogs on the sidewalk, tied to the fire hydrant??” No one answered me so I tried again! I called out to a lady that was working. “Can you please make an announcement so we can find who owns the dogs tied up outside! Freezing in the snow bank outside your store?”

She all but ignored me so I decided to try another tactic. I raised my voice just enough to be clear but not scare anyone shopping and I exclaimed “I am about to call the animal control and the police as someone has left their two little dogs tied to a fire hydrant in an ice and snow bank. Does anyone own them in here?”

Well sure enough and young person spoke up and actually said to me “Their mine I have only been in here 45 minutes. They are warm.” Well I said How about we take your socks off and place you in the snow bank for 45 minutes and see how your toes feel! Go rescue them now or I will be calling the Police.

The idiot still took their sweet time to buy their soft pillows before leaving the store. I waited with several people for the perpetrator to come get the pups!

I had a little doggie fan club going by this point and she exited the store with sneers and much deserved hiss’s.

I am sure she was nice enough and I do wish her a Merry Christmas or whatever it is she celebrates but hopefully by forcing her to see reason her dogs will never be treated like accessories again!

I still can’t believe I saw this. I do hope I can find a little more then this to represent the Christmas spirit here in Toronto.

Let’s be very clear about of couple of facts.  Animals and Children left in the cold or in hot cars is the most ridiculously cruel and stupid things for any human to do. For Gods sakes we have survived the passing of time surely we are smarter and better than this!

Next time I won’t just be writing about you “Puppy Pooh Head” I will be posting your photo to!


That gives me an idea!


Oh my only one more weekend to Christmas!

Give Joy!



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