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Posted by Admin1 on December 04, 2016
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I know, I know, I’ve been somewhat serious lately in my blogs but you know sometimes there is just stuff a person has to say.  But fear not for I bring you tidings of great joy that shall be for all people!!!  I found a fabulous new sock shop!  Oh yeah!!  You know it’s not easy finding a good quality sock anymore.img_1350

I am here to tell you I got socks!  I was strolling the streets of Toronto, something I really enjoy doing and I passed by a little shop on the Danforth called The Great Canadian Sox Shop!  Great name and I admit it got my attention.  It was so big and bold.  It said to me, “Come. Come and see that the socks are good”.

I did.  I stepped into a cute little shop filled with socks!  There was a, might I dare say, attractive bearded gentleman behind the desk.  He greeted me immediately which was a nice change.  You just can’t beat family or small business behaviours from the people that work for them.  Somehow they care more about what they are doing.  Corporate retail could stop and take a look and get with the program.

I walked about and checked out the socks and the bearded fellow came up to me and began to share that the socks were made right here in Toronto.  I was thrilled.  He shared some background about the company and he was really into it.  He got me into it actually.  We were having a sock bromance.  I really love socks.  Men have so few accessories and so for me socks are like a good bra.  You just got to put a sock on it.  It’s fair to say I had a sock crush on the bearded fellow and I knew I was going to purchase my first, but not last, pair of Great Canadian Sox!

I browsed about and noticed they had socks for every occasion.  Which was amazing because it’s their slogan.  Very similar to a slogan I love from a delicious winery Jackson Triggs, “We’ve got a wine for that”.  So now I had my really comfortable and local well made work socks for my occasion of relaxing by my fireplace with my Merlot from JT.  Oh what a night!

Okay, so this is the perfect spot for some stocking stuffers or maybe your Hanukah gifts.  I love a good sock.  Don’t waste your time getting me discount poly blend crap made in some dark corner of the world.  I want my MTV (My Toronto Varieties)!!  He was a very good help and I have been back since to browse.  The young woman behind the counter on my second visit was just as wonderful.

Here is the cherry on top.  They also have cool hats from Brimz.  I am getting me a hat on my next visit.  They have Bamboo clothing that is also made in Toronto and handmade jewellery by local designer Pikay Creations.  Really special stuff!

As I took my mental notes from my new sock pal, I actually noted that they have socks for hiking, sports, winter/boot, casual and dress wear, compression and diabetic socks!  Oh my!  It’s wonderful and it’s local.  It’s pretty hard to walk on by without giving my footed support.

Give the gift of local shopping this holiday season.  You are literally putting people to work and that’s a fabulous gift in itself!

The Great Canadian Sox Shop
230 Danforth & Broadview
Toronto On

4 kisses out of 5


edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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